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hi all, dear wyd friends, im quitting WYD as most people know that my account was been hack /scam . The GM WYD wont help anything about it. Its better quit  then from play again.

its already more than a year im quitting WYD Global.

now im just a history of WYD Global, all my character name ingame was just a legend

here are the name:

1. SultanJohor

2. Karate-Kid

3. TokJanggut

4. StormTrooper

5. Pejuang

6. Glandur

7. PublicEnemy

SultanJohor and Karate-Kid is my character for Operator ingame, i win many OP battle league, i join the league every week and in a month i win all league with the help of my team OP for Global academy.

Sultanjohor is 1st character i do for OP job and karate-Kid is the 2nd OP.


to be continueed….

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New SUPER TK Built For Mortal

hi Guys

how are you guys, hope your all good.

In my old post i put many type of built and now we have new patch of WYD and i think its time to make new built coz as you can see the items for MAP is getting cheaper and cheaper and of course the MAP player are getting stronger for their 14 Map accessories and armor. The old built is good but we need changes time by time so we can adapt new kind style of fighting.


Use E set Slayer +11 For more Deff and attack,try make your own if not see people selling it, but if people selling it, its cheap now , u can buy it below 300m per piece, but if you dont get E armor you also can use D armor 11 normally people sell around 150m per piece.


-Sprit stone F grade with PD and AD option or more.

-Mystic Amulet Dmg 40++ above

-HP earing 9 or 10

– Critical Stone

-Mystic Circlet 9 or 11 with AD and PD option


plus 9 with Souls of limit


try use Ancient dragon wing axes +11 with good dmg option / Bhopal ancient 11 / or using Radient sword ancient 11 with good dmg option.

Extra DMG:

Use Nell Horse, Use kappa potion,unique pack , crhistmas candy and choclate lover, or power jewel. It give you extra dmg.

Book Skills:

Try buy all type of skilsbook like Spectral force, concentration, ad Ressurrect.


STR = 600

DEX = 800

CON = Rest put here

USE Dex COn Souls of Limit Buff, it will give you extra dmg and extra HP.

With this built sure you can beatmany mortal and if you pro you can kill some celestial.

Remmber to bring your Pot Block Removal with you.Dont let the foema calling you noob.

Okay hope this works.. Playing Foema is very easy coz the stats are just full INT if playing black foema, so try your best

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(malay version)

Hai semua, aku ada barang nak lego

FM Black lvl 47 body FM

BM Elemental lvl 12 Bm body


Guardian scale breast +11 deff 30 crit 4 and map 10

GS Glove24 map 10 +11

GS pants +9 deff 30 crit 4 map 10 ( have 2 pcs)

GS boots dmg 30 map 10 +9 1 pcs


Unisus lvl 47 le not remmber


Mysctic circlet 9 pd ad normal

amulet 14 map plus 9


kery ancient 28 map 11

zen ancient 28 map 11

zen ancient 30 map 9

sila telefon atau sms jika berminat 0177883942 atau add yahoo aku

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Time For Water ..

Hello guys, long time im not update my blogs … I’ve got good news to tell you all that im now a celestial TK lvl 138 and my souls BM nature is lvl 10 hehehe…

My celestial use new name called “Pejuang” it means a “Fighter” . I never expected to reach this kind of levels, coz when im mortal im always said i dont want to be a celestial and time always change and we also need changes.

at the moment im still new to celestial life and im still figure out about the celestial built and etc.  at the moment i got 6.3k attack and 13k HP with souls Buff.My souls BM nature lvl 10 i got 5k attack and 8k HP. Soon i try make new built to try getting high hp and high attack..

Since im celestial im a lot going hunting and sharing waters coz hunting is now easy as ABC in everywhere i wanted to go, just need a lot of pots to stay alive until the monster died in curse town.i just hunt curse soemtimes just to testing my built and my stats.. in Curse town got many type of Mobs, they got a tk, a ht, bm and a foema too. So i just choose which char of mob i want to fight to test with.

okay, soon i put my celestial ss in this blog. so keep in touch soon.

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WYD Glod Tips #2

hi guys, thanks for some comment for my blog, im really appreciate your comment and your support for my blogs, my blogs its not the best but its the only way to share information with you guys..


ok lets talk about the new episode of gold tips in WYD okay…


1. Quest

This is the favorite thing i do when i was a mortal, mostly i like o to Hydra quest , you need find a red tickets to enter the hydra quest. while you doing a quest you can get gold easy in that quest, sometimes the monsters drop ori powder and most of them drops armor and you can sell it no NPC and can buy a new tickets again.. everytime you enter the quest you will easy gain 1m per entry.

2. Be an OP / CS /or  Related with games

This is the challenging part for making gold coz you have to work something and you can get salary every month, OP salary is 20k wcoins per month which is gm will give you using a wcoin brick. You can sell the wcoin brick to make gold. some people sell the brick from 130m-150m.

All you must to do try get the job first,to be an OP you must be a knowledge person, you must know about WYD game information that will help the new members coz you are the leader and WYD game representative or what i call is an operator.

You also can be a CS, but it need a lot of knowledge, its not justquest  but all things related in WYD.CS is a GM assistant when GM is not around..

the important thing is try look the free slots for OP position on the web WYD and if you see a free slot posiition and go apply for it.. only this is the way to gain gold every month without using your real cash..

I was being an OP since im a mortal, at that time i was a lvl 371 mortal.. so now im a celestial lvl 65 . now almost 3 years i think im being an OP for WYD.The first academy im leading is Global Academy and 2nd is Alpha academy and now im still Global academy..

I make Global academy a good academy by motivate the academy members to join the league and join the academy for new members. Most of the time Global academy win the OP league. Most of the Global academy operators are good and we are always do a teamwork when we join the OP league and we could win easy coz we are many operators, we have 8 operators for Global academy, sometimes 4 operators and sometimes 2.

Its fun being an OP coz you are famous, all people will find you and you are a celebrity lol..  omg im talking too much in this section lol… sorry hehehee..


3. Helping Friend selling in Auto Trade

Dont worry if you dont hve a good thing or items to sell. I got tips for you all.  If you know your friend hve something or some items is good then try ask him if you could sell it for him, ask him what price he want, for example he want to sell item A for the price of 2m , so you can increase the item price to 3m-4m depends on the items then you sell it in auto trade shop.

The things is fastly sale is an armor, weapons and accessories, mount is not good enuff to sell coz not many people afford it. It takes time to sell it but its worth it.


4. Join the new Event / Contest /

Here is the challenging part but its very good and make your dreams come true. Go look wyd web and let see if got new event that you can join. See the prizes,  and try join the event and make yourself a unique contestants and if you do the thing with full commitment and im sure you will win the prizes easily.Try getting tips or asking from your operator regarding your ideas or what ever needed to participate the event or competiiton.

Trust me if you do 120% on your job you will get what you needed. The success is come from your true sincere job.

okay guys maybe thats all for now, later i put more info ok… see next episode of WYD gold tips.. thanks…



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WYD Gold Tips

Hi all,

How are you guys, welcome back to my blog.. sorry im a bit busy sometimes and yet i still do update my blogs for u guys.. yes, i got many pm’s from u guys about my blogs, thanks a million for visiting my blogs since it started..

Today, i’m gonna share little tips about making gold in WYD Global..

1. Looting

dont mind if people call you a looter or what ever its called. Who cares? we need gold right? try loot drops at all server if you ever see people hunting allday long and sell the junk to the NPC aki or what ever ur favorite NPC. But if u got a good items such as orange stats items show me 1st coz maybe im gonna buy it from you, hehhe… if uwan soem adventure looting you can go to DS ( Darkshadow) you can loot there sometimes, sometimes the player inventory is full so if you lucky you can loot laks, Oris and if ur lucky enough you can get a Book. If you see people throw good items on the floor just take it , gm wont bann u coz the player drops the items himself so its not ur fault. You can just loot it and run away from him.

2. Asking Help

First of all,you must be poor, try to go some of your freind and asking help about gold, ask 500k for 1 person, if you got 10 person X 500k = you can get 5 million perday.. But please dont make Dual Challenge coz GM will bann you, coz it look like scamming method. So please play clean, its not a crime to asking help and its just make people pity on us, make sad story or whatever, maybe it will increase your chances.

3. Business

yea gold gold gold. Go hunt tickets where ever you like and sell in auto trade shop. dont hunt cheap ticket coz its not worth it. Try hunt red or blue tickets coz many people use it. And also hunt laks scrap in the water or azran field and collect it until you get 60 pcs and u will gain 6 pcs of laks powders and sell it with market price, if market price is 3m so 6×3 you will get 18million.

4. Wcoins

this one is good for fast gold.. you can make gold start from 10k wcoins and you can gain 120m-130m easy. try to increase your gold by buying some items that can double your money, maybe you can buy cheap ori powders for 700k from some noob and try sell for 1m each and it will increase your money again and again and you never need to buy wcoins anymore.. but you must have a discipline in yourself.. and try buy laks at very cheaap of 2.5m each and sell 3m each and you will see the differences. then maybe you can buy no level fenrir at cheap price at 20m.. and hunt the fenrir essences at bandit tarons or which monsters at desert that wearing fenrir coz it will drop fenrir essences and you can level up the fenrir until you satisfy and sell it at high price if it already gain high levels. most people will buy fenrir for mortal coz they like it..and also its good for Dmg chars…

okay thats all for now, later or soon i will put more info on this blog, well this is for the start tips, later i put more for you guys..

ok all thanks for reading.. see you soon.

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Menjual Barang WYD

Sesiapa berminat untuk membeli apa saja barang yang diperlukan di WYD global bolehlah menghubungi saya.

Antara yang sedia ada:

1. Celes TK body HT lvl 84 = rm700

2. Celes Bm element body BM lvl 14 = rm 450

3. Celes BM nature body tk LVL 40=  RM 600


1. bhopal ancient +11 dmg 54 ada 2 batang – rm 400 sebiji

2. Vs ancient 9 map 28 – rm 200

Hubungi saya:

Hafiz – 0177897292

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Academy League Guide

Hi all,Today we gonna discuss about the academy league.. This is the great experience you can share with your friends when you are in a battle between other academies..

first look at the time table

Friday 12:00-14:00
Saturday 22:00-24:00
Sunday 05:00-07:00
The academy league is done three times a week in different times to give chance to all players from different time zones to at least participate in one of the leagues.

The gametime shows the time table for you to join.

League Divisions

Beginners division 1-150
Advanced division 151-255
Hardcore division 256-369
There are three league divisions so all academy members can join the league.

there are 3 ddivision that you can join if you have 3 characters with the level required. If you win you will get level up faster from low levels.

Increase Your Deff

To increase your deff plus your cape at least a minimum of plus 6 if you join any division. Its a good advantage coz you got a good deff.if you got many laks then you can make cape 9.

increase your armor by plus it to 9 if possible..armor is a main factor too.


The weapon must be suitable with the division you wanna join, and ancient is not allowed.. making your weapon to plus 9 is a good choice.


put your skils on your skillsbar and learn it all the shortcut using a keyboard for faster must learn to use all type of buff or etc using keyboard shortcut, dont just click away coz its slower you down when you getting hitted.


Use HP pots and mana pots if you wanna stay alive in the league.. dont care about people calling you potters… who cares,,, the main thing is you can survive all type of enemy..

most people use pots in a battle. its normal..


If you think you cant go front to attack others just play hit and run using a throw wepon or a bow. Hit and run is good sometimes…it also save your pots hehehe….

the important thing is strategy.. you must know pretty good your character and how to play it.. the built is must be suitable with you, to train yourself you must hunt with no cc mode, imagine the mobs are the enemy..try learn all those skills that you did not know much and learn it until you getting normal to it everyday.

If you play a bm you must find a good boot with skilss mastery. if you can find gloves with all resistance stats is good too coz it will protect you from the hit.

okay thats all for now…

thank you for reading

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Back To WYD Past

Hi all WYDians, HI GM, CM and friends !!

hi , how are you guys? hope you guys have a good day always.. this topic make me roll back my memory when i first start playing WYD.

Back To WYD Past – The sad accident

I still remmber when i was low level mortal not have green cape i was going somewhere inside the game to learn and know all type of different places and sometimes im lost in the field..

my first sword i use is Prominent Edge with no damage stats  and i was make it plus 9 using oris and lak powders, at that time its very hard to get oris and lak powders coz im dont have gold to buy it. im hunting armia field to collecting the candles and sell it to NPC to gain gold. I’m playing around 20 hours per day to achieve my mission to upgrade my weapon, lol that time i was very noob coz i was collecting sword at desert and use it to plus 9.

Many people want to see my weapon coz its shiny and its different and sadly i got scammed by someone, then i dont have any weapon to use so i just buy the weapon from NPC at galford, i’m also was plus it until its plus 6. huhuhu sounds bad right?? yea thats true of course, i was very very noob..

then a few months later i’m looting bhopal sword at the desert, it was very scary and danger coz got many big monster like tarons and spiders. I die many time just to fullfill my dream to loot the bhopal sword on the floor.After tried many times my dream is accomplished and finally i got my own bhopal sword 1 pcs, then i search for another 1 bhopal sword and im lucky. No pain No gain, that was my moto to fullfill my dream weapon and at that time WYD dont have any Noobset to use.. Noobset is not available at that time. I just walk around all town to search for weapon that i can loot if someone drop it on the floor.

After a few week im hunting armia field and my bhopal is plus 6, i was buy ori powder from Aki at Armia. My bhopal is statless lol, then im hunting again and again for a few weeks just to achieve my dream to buy lak powders to make plus 9 but many laks was failed and not even plus 9, it was very hard to plus it to 7. Yea i dont have a good tming for refine my sword….huhuhu… that sad …

One day my Bhopal sword finally is plus 9, i was very happy and sadly that day some stranger come to me and party me and he say take my party then i say ok and he ask me to show my bhopal 9 statless and he challenge me and trade me many time and suddenly my bhopal is drop on the floor . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….. He loot my bhopal 9 statless,,,,,,,, i hate him and i got no weapon again.

i was very very sad and im stop playing WYD for 1 day, im cannot stop playing WYD for 1 day and i make a new life after the tragedy… Hope this story can be a good lesson for all WYDians…LOL..

okay thts all for today

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Back again…

Hello all,

im back again writing my blogs…today we gonna discuss on Mortal souls of limits.

Yea this sephira skills is powerful we can imagine… i was using it since it was illegal, at that time not much people know about this sephra skills..

im the 1 OP in previous time that was using a Souls, but im not showing it to public and not showing it to OP league coz it is illegal at that time… i was using it when im hunting and testing pk my other friends in game..

Today we got so may mortals with souls and the 8th skills is very very cheap now from previous days… the old days the 8th is 50m and now is 5m !!!

today we got so many mortals are stronger  and some of them can kill celestial with superb dmg or map coz of this Souls of Limits buff.

the competition is very challenging and i will upgrade myself as high i can be and im gonna beat down all my enemies and i got my own PK List notes…

i got my own DEATH NOTE, dont get me write your name into my note, if i write it to my note sure you will die.

ok2 oops im talking too much i think,  now let see what are the thing needed for a souls of limit buff…


We have confirmed and finalized the requirements to achieve the Sephira Skill – Soul of Limits for Mortal Characters. Kindly follow these guidelines.

1.) Required Level: 371- 400 Mortals.

2.) You can only use soul of limits after learning an 8th skill.

3.) Get an appropriate secret stone for your char and place it in your inventory.

Transknight – Water Sacred Stone
Beastmaster – Land Sacred Stone
Foema – Sun Sacred Stone
Hunter – Wind Sacred Stone

4.) Go to your channel and talk to the Civil Deligate in Armia Town.


When you learn the soul of limits, your cape will be changed to +0 hero cape with better DEF and HP bonus Soul of Limits cooldown and duration will not depend on your level and is constant stat point increase is lower than the bonus on celestial characters.


During the Channel War (06:00 ~ 07:00), Level 370 and below, Mortal Classes can achieve a Temporary Soul of Limits BUFF for a time duration of 1 hour.

How to achieve this God-like Power?

During Channel War you must give one Laktorerium Scrap to your Civil Delegate.

(Only those who are citizens parallel on what Server are having the Channel War may achieve the Soul of Limit Buff Skill.)

Your Mortal Character will achieve these bonus stats for 1 hour:

2,000 Strength – Fixed Bonus Stat
2,000 Intelligence – Fixed Bonus Stat


10,000 HP – Fixed Bonus Stat

Even though you have 900 Str and 800 Int, your current stats will not add up to the given Bonus Stats. Both Str and Int will remain 2,000 for 1 hour, and your HP will become 10,000 HP regardless of level and Constitution Points.

How to change the Soul Type

You can change your Soul Type by giving the following jewels to the NPC Ehre in Erion.

souls of limit

souls of limit

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