Posted by: sultanjohor | August 15, 2008


Hello Welcome to my updated Blogs:

Here i will talk about Transknight, many people ask me about how to be a real transknight, before i proceed we should understand and learn what is real transknight, then i will update from time to time about new information.

The Transknight is the typical melee warrior which has AOE skills that can easily take down even a mob of monsters. Depending on your build, the Transknight can be a tanker dealing massive damage and having high health points and defense by choosing skills from the Trans Mastery. The Transknight can also be a magic user by choosing skills from Magic Sword Mastery. Lastly the Transknight can also use combination of defensive and assistance skills from the Faith Mastery.

Basic structure

A TransKnight is a short distance attacker, they not a killer but a tanker for front attack, it is good for war because they helping cutting enemies life ( hp) into half or kill some to dead. They have a longlife HP.The way to increase the attck and defence is depends on how much the DMG (damage increase) on their armor, weapon, defense stats, and critical is very important too. For greater attack a real transknight need a greater damage and attck speed based on their weapon, armor, amulet, critical stones, and etc that are needed to increased their basic ability. The more upgrading on armor and weapon thats mean the greater u will be. Well its hard to get the good stats weapon, but be patient because it need times to spend on it, hunting is the good way if u have no any gold. I was no money at first start of my own character.

Well, Transknight can be well a good tanker for Water party too. It depends on how u manage ur skills and character.

In WYD not so many players using a transknight because they not really understand about the built or the way to handle the characters,

How To Build Your Real Transknight ( This build is not for MagicKnights)

Str = 900- 1000 only

Int = 4 ( well, if u can make it zero u good, hehehe)

Dex = 600

Con = as much as u can

this is  just a basic theory and u can start making a real transknights if u interested. For me i dont like much about magic fight maybe because in my real life i like real fighting.

Okay, I hope my blogs can help much a lot of newbies out there, Be a somebaody someday.

Goodluck and have fun playing WYD.


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  2. Yo sultan apiz! grats on the win haha.

    nice blog and i added you to my bloglist! 😀


  3. hello there xD

    congrats for winning the events, anyway i’m not yet blogging for i don’t have time. But there will be a time that you will see my blog xD

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