Posted by: sultanjohor | August 16, 2008

Hunting Using TransKnight

I’m back guys, for this moment i wil discuss about the hunting tricks and technics. For Transknight it sometimes a big problem when time for hunting the big monsters. For big monsters u cant do it alone by yourself because some monsters ade different types of defence and attack.

Above pictures shown that a hunting example me and my shift partner Homax hunting the Rujeper Broken at desert. I’m using the attract skills to catch the rujeper come into middle side and attck a little bit damage to the rujeper and at the same time Homax turn on his tiger summons to increase atttack. It take about 20 minutes- 30 minutes to kill 1 Rujeper.For Transkight u will need a beastmaster friend to hunting, it depends on what type of monster u deal with.

The Attack and deffence of a monster is different from each others, please refer to WYD website for more info.

Okay, On next issue i will discuss more about hunting and other related stuff that are needed.well maybe i can discuss about the skillss needed for a real transknight and what are good and bad for a transknight.

okay, goodluck and have fun.

See u guys later dude..


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