Posted by: sultanjohor | August 17, 2008

Transknight Skills

Welcome back, above pics show my character as a transknight, it looks cool right with the 2 bhopals sword. If its ancient maybe i can go for PK for fun. Before you go Pk you should remmebr about what skills u want to buy from the knight leader.

This are some examples of skills that are needed for a transknight. u can buy the faith skills and trans skills, if u are using real transknight u should take the critical armor for greater critical and deffence.Don’t ever take magic skills if your status is not build for magics. All magic skills are based on INT, so its no use if u take magic skills when u have not have any point at the INT status.

Before going to PK or going league, the best thing to try your new skills is by hitting the monsters at any place u want to try it and you can see the differents of each skills effect. For high levels u can try your new skills at Desert by hitting the Tarons.

Okay good luck for buying new skills


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