Posted by: sultanjohor | August 18, 2008

A Little bit of Something…etc…etc

Thank you and welcome back my non-stop blogs. This is where i can speech my speech with freedom, the freedom of speech using blogs, hehe…okay, so many people and friends say that i’m not have jobs because they saw me almost always on game, lol…i have my real life too bro..don wory about that..hehe. actually i’m a owner of Internet cafe, i’m a share partner with my friends, we do a business share. Most of my times are for games since im know how to play it. I live in Malaysia, but many people in game talk brazil and sometimes turkey with me but actually i cant understand what are they talk but i’m still happy because still many people who want talk with me..i’m a chat person ,its okay if u wanna chat, if u are a girl maybe i am so talkative maybe..hehe..but i try do my best to answer all your message, I am 27 years old at the moment, available and single too, well i’m not promoting myself but i’m just to let you know what i am. for this moment i’m not ready yet to put my pics in here..hehe. dont worry someday i put it in here…kekeke..

Since i’m addicted to this game i got many friends in this game, some are very nice and cool, but sometimes we will meet unknown person who seek help from us but its look strange because you didn’t know that person very well. It does not bother me as long i dont get scammed or soemthing, from my view not all people in this game are kids, i was met mny friends that are actually older than me like Beotch from canada guild, knightsbane from old destiny guild, gitane from Ares guild, Hanuman from Malaysia guild, Big-mama from canada guild, and some other names that i cant remember, they are cool and nice person.

i love this game because it looks so realistic ,you can chat, action, and anything you want it to be.But sometimes i met a people who cant think so mature between the real life and the game.Some people who adopt their real life for 100 percent into the game..yea its true that in game i was Pked some 1 that i know and when i met him in real life he was very mad at me because of the game thing,it not so good. the game should be fun and you should enjoy it because it is a game, GM make this game for fun not for hated.So, dont wory about being Pked when you are AFK coz u will live again back, hehehe..LoL… owh ..hehe so many i’ve talk in here, now i’m a blog addicted lol, hehehhe, how should i say more…hope you guys know what i’m saying, we should balance our life between game and real life, then we know the different.

okay all, ty for readings my blog and wait for more updates k, okay lah.. bye and take care



  1. This is my Quote for the day XD

    “This is where i can speech my speech with freedom, the freedom of speech using blogs”

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