Posted by: sultanjohor | August 18, 2008

Weapon For A Transknight

Hello All,

welcome back, today i will talk baout the weapon that are needed for a transkight, below are some examples of weapon that are regularly use by a transknight.

The Stats for above weapon is Genesis Shade Plus 8 dmg 63 ( big Sword) and the other one is Bhopals plus 9 dmg 45. This are my weapon examples that i’m using. The more dmg stats that mean the more damges u will make to the other player. The Genesis Shade is a grade E weapon and bhopals is Grade D weapon. Well, The E grade weapon cannot be use by god. It just can be use for mortals. For god they can use bhopals.

Besides Sword, you can choose a weapon that are good for long distance like a Karicass(E) , Crecent of Argos, Lightning Spear, or other weapon that look like a throw weapon and at the same time you should use the shield, e.g Rune Shield and of course plus it all to 9 for greater deffence and damages.

Ok thank you for today, tomorow i will discuss about how to increase your deffence.

GoodLuck ^^


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