Posted by: sultanjohor | August 19, 2008

High HP’s with TransKnight

Hi and welcome back to my blogs, 🙂 today we will discuss about the HP’s when u playing a transknight.With Transknight u can gain more HP than ever if u pump up on CON. As i say before real Tk need a great weapon for more damages and to stay long life TK needs a greater HP. Yeah, not forget great armor with greater Deff and Damages too. I was many times doing an experiement on my charcters, and i hve wasted many Saphires to reset my stats and Ability stone, after reset it then i go test hit at desert , Today i can AFK alone at desert. Its not a big problem now because i already did upgrame my armor plus 8 at the moment for the Plate, helmet and pants but my shoe and gloves still plus 7. Owh man i wish i can increase my hp to 20K hopefully, hehehe…LoL.. If can lah… huhu…

How i be so sure im not sure yet, i just say maybe…hehehe.. i need some calcution to my character settings. At the moment my HP is around 10K today, now i need increase my armor fully to plus 9 hopefully, just need a big amount of Lak Powders. If i can get my armor full set to 9 then WOW WOW WOW, u know what i mean… hehehe… my deffence will be good and greater damages too.

Okay, the items you need to increase your HP is Physical earing, and some other stuff that are related to Hp, well some of items need an experiemnt on it. It depends on your built.

Beastmaster also have amount of HP’s when they using a transformation skills e.g is werebear, titan and etc, For Feoma Hp’s is a big problem but they  have a very high MAP attack. Well For a transknight is not a big problem if you can play a good technics skills and fighting. Some fightinmg need a tricks to play, so start learning from today and enjoy your game.!!

In this game i already teach some friends in my guild , His name Caligstar, he is playing transknight, he is now level 400 and i’m very proud of him because he success what is he gonna be for a transknight. He learn and understood what is good for a transknight.

okay maybe thats all for today, i’m sorry if my article have some wrong info or anything but i hope my blogs can help the newbies out there..


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