Posted by: sultanjohor | August 20, 2008

Gaming For Fun & Enjoy…

Hello and welcome back, today i’m not talk much about TK stuff but i will share stories about the gaming side. Well, as you all know we love game everyday, From kids, teenagers, older people, grandmother, grandfather maybe.. working people, professionals, and of course people like you and me also like to play games, it has no limit of age to playing games. If you saying games is just for kids then, how about the game creator? the game creator is not a kid. Game developer are older people too..hehehe. same like cartoon making just like Disneyland. The example i can make is the creator of Mickey Mouse, the comic artist is a very old person.

I love Playing WYD because of having fun on it. Well since i’m playing this game i got a lot of friends maybe coz of can chat, PK, move, or anyhting that we all know. Below are some pictures of my friends that was  taken yesterday.

hehehe.. the story of this you can take a motivation becuase before we all take this pics we are all PK each other, dead and alive many times, but finally we all tired of PK then we take pics together as a friends. Remember gaming is for fun..

After take pics, i got an opportunity to take pics with CM Dhar, it was a great feeling and i’m enjoy it because i take a pics with a special person.

CM Dhar summons me to a very familiar place, it is the place when i got my OP interview with GM.

Cm Dhar asking me about his new look.. it look scary to me but sexy too…heheehe.


Okay thats all for today, i hope you guys enjoy my article..Thank You!



  1. Nice Blog Sultan, Again you probably won 3 laks hehe

    Its Azmon and LeoKnight here! Just dropping by on your daily blog to check whats up hehe. Take a lookie at mine hehe. Catcha in the game!


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