Posted by: sultanjohor | August 21, 2008

Choose The Right Armor

Hello and welcome back,thank you for still reading my blogs, well its not so good but at least i can help new members to train their character and make some planning before seting up the new stats or armor.

Well if you are the newbies, you should use the newbie set armor (noobset) , its good for beginner levels and its good for level up at high levels monster like dungeon 1 and some other places. Because it is alrdy plus 11 and absorbed damage , all with a perfect stats.

As we all know if we level up more and more thats mean we have to upgrade the type of armor too, the newbies armor is low in deffence if you are high levels, It not suitable for high levels. The high levels u get the greater armor you must get.

The good armor stats for TK is include with the high dmg stats, deffence, and critical, and plus it until 9 for make it best. Armor have many types of grade, the grade is depends on your levels. If you already reach levels at 286 you can use the Slayer armor, well its hard to get the good stats but you can make it your own, you can try buy the stupid stats armor , normally people will sell it around 500k- 2m each. The Slayer armor is a Grade (E) armor. To get the good stats the first thing you need is the ori powder, try to make it at least plus to 6 if you not have enough money, but remember dont plus it to 9 yet, bcause you cannot change the stats.The minimum is plus 6 to get the good stats.If you already make it plus 6 then you have to buy the Replication (E) , it is use for grade E armor.Try put 1 Replication to each armor, then try to see the stats after you replicate it. If you not satisfy with the stats given, then try put 1 more Replication E again, put the replicate E as u like until you get the good stats that you wanted it to be.

After get the good stats you need, To refine plus 1 – 6 you need a ori powder, after it done to plus 6, you need plus it 7 to 9 by using the lak powders, normally it will failed many times if you make it plus 7-9, but if rich you can buy the lucky powder, it will success easily.

okay, maybe thats all for armor, if you want some discussion you can meet me ingame at sv4.okay goodluck on refine.


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