Posted by: sultanjohor | August 21, 2008

I got fans..:P

wow..i got fans out there…they enjoy reading my blogs, that was i hear from them.It s make me feel good because they say i was guide them a lot. I just try my best to help the newbies, i’m also experienced it before when i was a low levels, at that time i do not know who to ask or where to gain help for setting up my character, i was failed many times about character setting, but it is a valuable experienced. Luckily one day i was meet with my old teacher Mr Gary (Knightsbane) from Destiny academy and some other friends like Hanuman, phycoTCOS, for sharing their opinion and knowledge about TK. They still my good friends for sharing lots of ideas and knowledge about characters. At the same time i was gain knowledge from my experience and do many experiments on my character settings. I was wasted a lot of saphires and return ability before, but now i’m satisfy with my new status setting.

okay, let see my new pics below with fans



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