Posted by: sultanjohor | August 22, 2008

Talk..Talk..Talk.. (“,)

HeLLoO all friends out there, maybe i will talk much for today coz my title is can i do..hehehe.. well today not much happen really because i’m busy with real life job, meet some friends and went back online after my job all done. Today i spend a lot at PK Arena Sv1 and some other server. I love to PK and to be PKed. Maybe some of you want to know right? hehe.. PK is fun when you bored or mad at some one, but sometimes need a relax cool way for PK. It sometimes funny when a mortal character level 1 come inside the pk arena and asking for pt!! ..normally they say “Pt me plse”…”pt me plse” and some of them follow you all around the town for asking help, maybe some asking for money or something to ask.Well some of us maybe forgotten or not remember that we all do the same way maybe, from time to time we do new upgrades on armor or something  and we learn new thing each day, Maybe some of us do a mistake or make other people feel sad, happy, worried, or something that are unseen with our own eyes, sometimes we cant see our self, but people around you is watching yourself, as for myself i just do my best even i’m not the best.. heheehe..

okay let talk about Tk back, there are very impotant thing that are needed for tk, that is a great stats armor, great stats weapon, a great mount, a physical earing, Critical stones, Amulets with hp increse,attack speed and some other stones like piercing damage stone, absorb damage stones, well all this items need to be experienced by yourself learning. If can try find armor that have damage 30 with deff, critical 7 but its hard to get the perfect stats, at least u can use the dmg 24 is good too.Then make it plus to 9 for all the items above.

For greater Deffence and HP increase you also can upgrade your cape plus to 9. If can try upgrde your cape to plus 6 first if you have ori powders in your inventory, Cape is important too if you dont prefer to use the cape, well you must get Cape for sure.!!!!!.. go to your quest now and get the cape…hehe..

Mount is important too for running fast from the enemy or run from being PKed, well i was hve many mount before e.g is smilodon, pigs, dragon puppy, steed, parade and my favorite mount is FENRIR. i like the look of fenrir. FENRIR looks so awesome, it look like a combination of dog and bear maybe, only GM know what it is. I hope that fenrir is not real animal..hahaha.. imagine that fenrir is a real animal in real life?? well its hard to get ride on it maybe…hehehe..  Each mount are differents from each… some of them is have a good damage, resistance, maps and etc.

okay maybe thats all for today,i hope you guys enjoy reading my blog.


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