Posted by: sultanjohor | August 23, 2008

Hunting Again..again..well be patient..

HeLLoOo…welcome back to my everyday updated blog for sure.Thank you for your continuous support. well today i have not much activity, Normally before i’m start making water party i eat lunch first for greater feeling to fulfill my hunger, of course i’m hungry…ehhehe..

I normally wake up at 9.00 am, checking my afk shops selling stuff that i dont need and gain money from the sales, normally i sell the stuff that i dont need like hunting stuff, and etc. Sometimes i buy the very cheap stuff then i make it plus and sell it for a good price.

Today not many new members come for recruit but at least got around 10 members for today. The water run smoothly well at the sametime me and homax get so many spams and me and homax sometimes cant even answer those pm’s or guild chat.The chat moving so fasttt..

After water party normally me and homax continue hunting the mr Rujeper Broken at desert, Homax will do summons and me normally pull the rujeper using the attract skills to the middle side, the rujeper need to be pull to the middle and it make our job easy to concentrate for 1 rujeper only. After pulling it i start a little damages to Rujeper and the tiger will start attack Rujeper easily. To reduce the damages to me , i use the slow slash skills to make him slow movement and at the same time the tigers can gain attack more. While  homax tigers attacking Rujeper from the front side then i find a spot where the rujeper dont attack me much, for sure it is the back side of Rujeper, the reason is Rujeper is busy with the tigers at front side, then i backstab Rujeper from the back. Well its hard at the beginning but its fun and adventure to hunt it, it takes about 20-30 minutes to finish 1 Rujeper.

Sometimes Rujeper attack me with 3 hit then i die if i’m using the pots for 50 percent, the damages is around 2k-3k per hit. Luckily i have 10.5K HP at the moment. Thats the good advantages for being a real Tranknight normally they call me a Tanker.

Normally the drops are Rujeper Broken Ore, but if you are lucky you can get the unicron spirit, Unicorn spirit is an item that are needed  for creating a God class Character. There a 3 items needed for opening the God class character:

1. Unicorn  Spirit

2. Phoenix Spirit

3. Sephiroth

These are the items that you need for making god characters.Okay, thank you and goodluck for hunting. Remember be patient and cool always, dont ever get to rush for something.

C ya all.


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