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Advantages Being a Tk

hello and welcome back!. I have a great day today, what should i say, the game is increasingly fun day by day, imagine that feeling meeting new firends and sometimes having fun doing something that you can ever imagine as a player.

 Meet my guildmate and also my friend, his name is Caligstar, he is my student at the start and finally become my bestfriend.Well at the beginniing he is new in WYD but he is also an old Supreme Destiny player. He is a good learner and he learn very fast about the character setting for a transknight, at first normally he asking many types of question when me and homax doing waters and at that time i try my best to answer his question becuase we share the same interest for a character built. He was level 100 something at the beginning and today he is 400..So fastt.. Caligstar tell me that he want to make god by buying the godpack but i told him that he has to complete his armor and weapon before opening a god character. The reason is you dont have to be a noob god without any set or weapon that are needed ! There is no use if open a god character with no set of armor and weapon. The levels is 2nd option and the 1st option for great and strong is your build , stats, armor, and weapon that have pure damages.

Today, me and Caligstar were hunting at the desert by killing the tarons, while we were hunting, we decided to find some healer, i go for a while at town to meet some friends that can help me for heals,at that time Calisgtar hunting with new player that need an exp for level up. I was meet with muss at Aki Armia for asking him to open his healer character. While we were chat, i got a message from Caligstar that they were being KS and the killer was kill the newbies at our party. I come as fast as i could to go desert to see what was really happen, then i meet caligstar still fightng with the killer name Vauvenal , me and  Caligstar gangbang him until he run to the gate of altar, for your info he is a god character, we ask him what and why he kill us, then he say he just collecting loots, but he deny for pk our party members, his name were red at that time. we gangbang him at the gate of Altar and he calling his friend to help him for killing us. What a shame for a god character cannot kill two mortals like us. He just stay outside and mumbling much, well me and Caligstar just stay cool.

Suddenly, his frend PlanetGanja is coming to the desert and he told us that he is a friend of Vauvenal..  after that vauvenal was gone somewhere, we were hunting PlanetGanja, well PlanetGanja is a Celestial God, he think he is so good by PKing the afk people hunting at desert and the newbies. The thing i dont like about PlanetGanja is he is so arrogant and pride about himself that he is the strong player at WYD, well you should remember that the new player are rising up each day and the Pro’s are incresing day by day, and the senior player of celestial are incresingly stronger. You should remember that fact PlanetGanja!!

If we think that we are the strong, there is a stronger and better player than us! me and Caligstar not strong enough but at least we have a good fight for PKing PlanetGanja at desert, He was run and at the same time healing himself, hhehehehe… the feoma character are good attack by using MAP and feoma also should remember that Transkight have a lot of HP to gangbang you.You can see the pictures below for more info…



See the Hp of Planet ganja and he is also healing himself. Well take a look another pics below..


I like the pics, hehe



This picture shows that me and PlanetGanja fighting. See the HP of PlanetGanja and yet he is still healing himself..!

Wow… i cant imagine we are different class of characters, me and Caligstar are mortal 400, PlanetGanja is Celestial God !! . At the moment me and Caligstar have HP around 10k at level 400. Me and Caligstar always discuss about the character setup and setting for a transkight, and sometimes making a modification by making it stronger as may we could. The journey does not ended at level 400, If we learn and experience charater setting each day and we can use it for an experienced it for making a god characters.

Well , Imagine that me and Caligstar being gods, and then Celestial, how much Hp that we gonna make it.. we not ready yet to be a god class character because of still learning and experience the characters buiding. At the moment, we try to make our HP increase to 15k but still under construction. Me and Caligstar is a real Transkight, normally they call it a tanker.Its good for hunting mobs and well good for battle too. Some people concentrate more at STR, but its a wrong FACTS.. The minimum is 900 and maximum is 1000 for greater attacks. The trankight strong dmg power is depends on armor and weapon.

Me and caligstar so happy today because we have a nice fight with a celestial god, We were bored at last because of wasted our mount food for hunting him. Its no use to spend money to buy mount food by killing him.

Well, if PlanetGanja and vauvenal read my blogs, i just wanna say thank you for reading and welcome to the world of transknight !!

Me and Caligstar  are not the best but we are try our best to achieve our goal and try to be the best we can be.


Okay thank you, Have Fun!!!!



  1. LOL epic this about me?

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