Posted by: sultanjohor | August 26, 2008

My Journey

The beginning of a journey

Hello, see this pics above.. this is the first place i was born as a transknight, it was the first quest that i learn from the start. Sometimes it cool when we memorise it back the old story of the moment we start the WYD.  At first no friends, no recruited yet, and many things that need to learn from day by day. Training camp is like a first kindergarten to me, i learn how to kill the gremlins, the crill, pigs and some other monster, it was a great moment coz the levelling was very fast. After reach level 40 i got an opportunity to go Armia town, it was a busy place with so many people walking around and some of them ade different from each others.

i got my shire horses by checking at cargo guard, it look cool but not very beautiful but at least i can travel very fast with that horse. I do many quest until i’m reach level that are good enough to be in water party. i was joined many academy, the first is Destiny, i learn many thing from destiny. It was a great moment with the OP at that time,Knightsbane, phycotcos, DarkItachi and some other names and they are great op at that moment. i was joine water party normally with knightbane and phycotcos. It was fun thing to levelling fast until i am reach the level 100 something.

Then suddenly 1 day all existed academy gonna be deleted by GM,the GM create an academy base on country academy. The first is Poland academy, Malaysia and it increase day by day with many country. It was very sad moment at that time because dont have yet any water party for me since no OP and no activity for the whole week. I was doing quest by quest to level up my character.With not much money in inventory i was gain money by hunting stuff and quest. I’m remember the first thing is to collecting loots at desert,it was very scary place for hunting loots. Desert is a cool place for collecting the weapon that i needed at that time, at that time bhopal with no good stats is really good for me because it looks cool than the other people. i was always hangin around to see the cool places by using the teleport with some guild members, It was very hard to collecting gold as much 1milion.

Those are some of my experience when i’m start playing the WYD. many memories in my life with my friends who was levelling together by doing quest. Many things need to be learn allday.


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