Posted by: sultanjohor | August 27, 2008

10 Mission For TK ( Mortal)

Hello, welcome back and today we talk about TK again LoL… haha, what should i say more. I dont know play foema LOL.. and i’m still learning to play Beastmasters too. At the moment i’m playing beastmaster Nature for my other character.In this topic i show the mission that are needed for a TK.It was from my experienced too.

1. Make your own new charcacter for a transknight.Dont ever pump any stats if you did not know how much to put in there. Go to training camp first , the quest for lvl 1- 40. This place is important for making money for the start, you can get boar egg, boar essence, and some other stuff that maybe needed for other players, you can sell those stuff if you don need it. Go to Armia by bring along your cutluss +3 weapon and meet the Unicorn and you can get FREE FROGGIES, it increase ur attack with those weapon.  At this quest pump up ur CON for better HP.After you reach lvl 41 you will be placed to town where you meet many people that are bigger from you, DONT ever try go to PK Arena LOL..!!

2.  Try find an academy for LEVEL UP !!!! ..  .. .. Well you will be able to level up faster with an academy. Remember the time for recruitment, the gametime for recruit of academy is 13.00 gametime, 19.00 gametime, 1.00 gametime and 7.00 gametime, press INSERT on your keyboard to see the time. WYD use gametime because of many reason.We have many player from all around the world of playing WYD. Dont buy any skils yet, wait until you get many point to buy the important skils that are needed. Put the STR,INT,DEX, CON please refer to my first blog !

3. If you reach level 101, go to the quest at Azran to get your first cape, it is the GREEN cape. Good for the start, it will increase your deffence and increase your HP. Carry on your quest on the right menu, dont ever miss all of the quest if can. With the quest you can be well a good player because you can read the coordinates by refer it to MAP (press M). Go levelling as fast as you can. Well Dont buy any armor or weapon for the moment, because you will get it free from GM, wait for Horses too. If you prefer to use the golden embossed armor go to quest that have free refine plus 6, the quest name is Molar gorgayle  tooth quest. It is a good place to refine all your armor to plus 6. Dont ever buy skilss that you dont need it, the skills all refer to your Status ( STR,INT, DEX, CON). Well buy it wisely, remember to save the point that you have to buy the LAST SKILLS.!!… hehehe.. Try saving your money too!!!, 50M LOL!!! but its a good bargain to buy it. NO REGRET!!

4.  Go to LEAGUE !!, this is the place where you can see your ability to fight in PK Arena. If you can make a last stand fight, thats mean you are the strong of them all. There are many academies that are joining the league, it was hard for the first time because you will meet your enemy with many types of characters. Please run from the beastmaster if you not have the good deffence, and try go as near as posiible to foema to kill them because they are long distance attacker and remember foema have pot block and make sure your HP is in good condition. Not forget the hunter lol,if you have the good damage weapon and armor go as fast as you can to kill the hunter.

5.  If you reach level 286, try find  a Slayer armor , it can be use for mortal and god character too. It is a good plans for saving, if you prefer to use the slayer armor dont plus yet any gold embossed armor that you have. The weapon is important thing too.Try find a weapon that have a good damage stats.

use the following weapon

a. Dragon Wing Axe ( E grade) , Radient Sword ( E grade) Karicass ( E grade) =it is good for mortals and cannot use for god level.It has a good stats of damage, try find that have a good stats of dmg 45 /54 or more as you can be. The more higher dmg that means the greater you will be as a mortals. If you can find a good weapon that have more dmg stats with attck speed that is better too!!

b. Dont Forget to use the shield if you using the Karicass for hunting the big monsters.

c. Bhopals ( D grade ), =it is good for mortals and can use for god level.It has a good stats of damage, try find that have a good stats of dmg 45 /54 or more as you can be. The more higher dmg that means the greater you will be . If you can find a good weapon that have more dmg stats with attck speed that is better too!!

6. PLUS all of your armor to full 9, not forget to plus your weapon all to plus 9. Get a mount too! try increase your mount as high level you can be. To gain the money try go HUNTING !!! if you can buy the Wcoins its better too !!!.

7. The IMPORTANT THING is ACCESSORIES !!!!!!!! For amulet try find an amulet that have mahimum hp increase and attack speed, try find a physical strengh earing, Glory Ankh and try find Piercing damage stones.  Remember to plus all your accessories to fully 9.

8. After you reach level 351, try go Water M share for level up to 400!!, try find M share around 50M share, you just have to contribute 5 scroll  to the party leader. Please get a screenshot ( press print screen)  while you trade with the leader party. Remember go with the familiar one or the one you know. wait till level 400, its time you need to pump up all your con and see your HP is increasingly up.

9. Buy The LAST SKILSS !!

10. Its TIME FOR PK !!.


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