Posted by: sultanjohor | August 27, 2008

A Little Bit of something (Episode 2)

what do you guys think of this pictures? cool? awesome? scary? hahaha… this is favorite pic of me. I like the armor , the way it look so cool, the enemy will think twice before enter pk arena !!..Luckily the armor does not include the color of PINK!!… LOL.. hahaha…becareful when you using your firals !. Do some research how they look like if refine to your armor. Refer to WYD website for firal tutorials.

What about the Mount? LoL, well i prefer the Silver dragon or Gold Dragon  if they were exist for use at WYD, not just for enchant weapon randomly lol… the possible mount is a pig but it look cute on a transknght, and try a dragon puppy but not suitable enough because the dragon look small, look so cute too !!… they are many mounts that are not yet exist in WYD like griffin, Fire tiger, Fire dragon and some other mount that i not know  coz im not a SD player.

Based on the pics above, maybe we can do some moderation, e.g is put some blood on the sword, and some other things that you can ever imagine of.

owh man i’m sleep so late today..LOL…what happen to me.. ahhaha. LOL GM help me please..ehhehehe.. wakkaka.. Guys please laugh with me LOL… scrath my foot, i will laugh like crazy.. what is i’m writing about today lol, hehehe.. lol lol.. i dont have much idea on this topic really. well maybe you guys please give me some suggestion or give me some Question  please, put on my comment, Please ask about the thing that you not understand much transknight okay !!! ? i will try answer as i could to fullfill your destiny as a transknight. well i’m not the best but i try my best to serve you.  welcome to Jedi !! i am Master Obi wan, you also can call me Master Yoda, you guys will be my anakin skywalker, i teach you from the basic till the best, For future you will be a Darth Vader, a strong Jedi ever will be..

Help the people that needed help from you, dont give them a money, they will be lazy.  Give some advise or opinion or some answer when they ask you something.. hahha. LoL..ahha.. my eyes geting smaller , im almost stare to monitor screen around 15 inches from it. I’m almost gonna sleep but im still stand for the fight to finish my blogs, what can i do now.. ahha, ahhhhgghgg.  … ……….. i’m still trying to open my eyes so big like mr bean movie, put the matches on it,  waaaaaaa i feel not much sleep but my eyes hurt badly coz the matches hurt my eyes. LOL.. i go washroom a while…be right back LoL..    ( going to washroom cleaning faces to stay alert) SplaShhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!! ( the sound of water splash onto my face)

hello guys im back, now not sleepy anymore, i can still write my blogs lol, waaa so fresh lol, you guys should do this when you sleep, the other option is try get a coffe or coke.   i’m still not know what info should i put in here more maybe. i dont have drinks right now, aghhh so bored when you cant sleep back, well i try to be sleepy again. lol what have i type in here, i just wondering what to type in here, thinking, brainstorm, research, ……..auww.. thats hurt! you know what?? my head was bangin infront my keyboard, it hurts LoL.. its like a earthquake when ur head bump on your keyboard.. sometimes…..

aghhh, sorry guys, i dont know what to type more in here.. thank you for readings..


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