Posted by: sultanjohor | August 28, 2008

Travel to Kephra

Hello,This are some of my visits to Kephra, meet some bosses that i still cant kill at the moment

Look scary huh?

Those are some cool bosses that i dream to kill 1 day,just need some techniques and i need to turn to god classes with high levels. I dream to be a god character now, but i’m still collecting some stuff to complete the stuff that i need.

It was a great moment because this is my first time taking a screenshot to kephra, many times already go there but i just see and looking around the mob that i can hunt someday. Sometimes we need improvement for hunting too. The higher your levels and the higher mobs that you must kill.It is good spot for find a good drop. Some drops are expensive stuff and some are market needed stuff.

You can setup 1 team to kephra with so many healer and attacker maybe but need a good spot where the mobs should appear in 1 places only, if you strong you can try killing all those mobs in there, if you strong lah !! ehhehe… LoL.!! Well, deffence is a good important too when hunting this places and Healing potions (pots) for backup besides healer. Remember to save the spot that you want it by saving it using the gem of lodester, just need a recall scroll to go back at the place.

The monster attack is around 4k damages, well they hit me around 2 time hit before i go sleep on the floor and go back to town ! hahaha.

Maybe need to form 1 group of many people in party with all fully level 400, then we can try, but need some testing before make it come true. It is hard for mortal to hunt at here but there is a way when we have a dreams.Never look back and stay look forward to catch all of your dreams to make it come true.  The important thing is the preparation, technique, and the teamwork beside all your party members.

well thats all for today blogs, i hope you guys enjoy my screenshot..


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