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Things that i learned from WYDIAN JOURNAL SEASON 1


Welcome back to 2nd season of bLogging ! . Thank you and congrats to all winner of the season 1, i’m surprised at the time when i was announced as 1 of the winner for the ancient god weapon. I’m happy because i’m selected of the winner, i’m still surprised and shocked really, it was very tough because so many people join the competition. It was hard for me to make a story or something cool for the readers (WYDians). I would try my best to give interesting story of my own and perhaps it can help other players too. I was 1 week late before join the competition, Cooldude is the 1st person who talk about blogs, and at first season i dont know much about blogging. That was the first time for me to blogging. Luckily wordpress provides me a template and tool that i can use for me to start with blogging.

The Prizes

Thron of Breaker (Ancient) +9 / DMG 63

Above photo is the prizes that i was requested to gm, the thron of breaker ancient +9 with dmg 63. I’m feel so great and happy because i finally get a cool weapon for my god. I am opening god character soon, just wait and see. I like the way it looks, so cool and awesome. i hope i can use that weapon with my own  new god character. I never tough i win this great stuff but i was try very hard achieve this moment and finally i got it. Like i say before, never give up !! Try to be the best if you are not the best there is….

First  Season Experiences


This are the main factors that make us fell happy and enjoy about WYD.We gain more knowledge and friends  everyday. The things that i learned from this is i was share some information and change ideas, views about blogging with the other bloggers.


yes it is, discipline !! at first season, the journal event make me more discipline for myself. Normally after finishing academy water, i’am preparing the blogs and do some research about the info that are needed to put in my blogs. It was hard at the first time, i make it a routine job for my self. After finishing blogging, normally i log in back to WYD for continue play and meet some friend of mine.


Well, this is a very hard job to do ! Only the gifted and talented person will get the creativity. Creativity has no boundries and limit. Its INFINITY !!! .. creative people always use the left side of their brain to produce the great stuff. well, hehe ( i’m not sure whether it is left or right side) LOL. With passion and creativity will boost a great energy for producing a great blogs. With great powers come with great responsibility, we can help people by blogging , it is for WYDians, for the newbies especially.


This is RARE experiences ! the meaning is you do a great job by learning and experienced it by yourself. It need a good motivation and self learning and hardworking. It takes time to learn and can lead us to trial error concept. The trial error concept is learn by failed many times, and learn as many you can by self learning until you success to achieve your goal. The error or problems still arise when we learning new stuff like i do. It need a patience deep in your heart and soul.

Be Positive

well this is the main thing you should need to join any competition.Always keep in mind that you are be ready for postive , it does not matter if you win or lose by participate it !. If you are not positive mind its hard for you to get the 3 laktorium powders eachday.  Its not a big problem if you are not very strong character or high levels. I am still not very good and strong but i was put my objective to be the best even i’m not the best there is. Yes, many WYDians will open your blogs and be ready to be commented. The comments are just the things that can improve yourself and you can repair it or try make new cool articles or story. The main thing is POSITIVE !!!.

The Rewards

This are the main reason why you will always keep for blogging. The Laktorium powders and for the grand prize is the ancient god weapon +9. I was always look on wyd website especially the posters and looking other people blogs for references. Sometimes i cant get any idea but dont worry about it, the first thing is put your fingers on the keyboard and try make simple sentences, hopefully the idea will come shortly.


From this event, i was getting many lak powder for my self. The lak powders are not use for sale but i’m using it for my own good. My armor at the moment are plus 9 for the plate, the pants,shoe,gloves and helmet is already plus 8. For my weapon it is already plus 9 for both bhopals. My physical earing and amulet are fully to plus 9. This event helps me a lot for upgrading my armor and weapon.

Above picture is the screenshot of my friend who win the events.


well keep up the good work and the journey will never stop.





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  3. your doing a great job.
    nice work

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