Posted by: sultanjohor | September 3, 2008

Learn from the past, learn from Mistakes

Hello all friends out there and not forget GM,Cm, and somebody who knows me. Well the 1st season was teach me many lesson and things that i dont know. The thing is about making blogs and it makes me wanna to try it for the first time of my life with WYD global. Since i’m playing WYD, the game are more fun and cool because the GM, CM do their best work for WYD, we cant miss every event that GM, Cm make for us, its a cool way to make our day happy and enjoy for long time with WYD.

The 1st season of WYD Journal makes me more creative and a storyteller even sometimes i dont have a story, i just put the story of my own.I never tought that i could win the ancient weapon but its a dream come true, because so many good and talented bloggers and good players too.They are strong with their own character in WYD. At that time i dont know much about other charcters, i just know a basic thing for other characters. Then i put a story about transknight, it is a good start for my blogs, from my blog i got many comment and question about my characters built. Well My blogs helps much to new players hopefully.Some newbies came to me and say Hi and thanks for teaching them for the start.

The newbies always asking for help about their stats for characters built like foema,transknight, hunter or beastmaster, it was my problem also when i was low levels too. many things should be learn when you play this game because it is Role Playing Game, well its need your own self motivation to learn all the stuff. Well sometime good players will help the newbies. Its not a big problem for asking, better ask if you dont know something that you need.

I love to play transknight because of their look maybe, the way they fighting with enemies.Not many people play transkngiht at the moment maybe, the most character  i saw in WYD is foema and beastmasters. For the 1st season transknight is a favorite topic of me.i use to talk and discuss with other friends about characters and sometimes looking at PK Arena watching people fighting, we can see many advantages and disadtanges for each characters. Well, its okay for me because every character hve their own use and benefit, dont regret what you gonna be!. Try to keep up your character and make it as strong as you can be.

The 1st season also make me more discipline bcause of the dateline !!, i have to submit my journal updates to Cm as fast as i can to be viewed by CM. Sometimes my brain gonna blow to find the ideas and stuff. From this event also many people recognise me a lot, i’m from Global Academy. Me and Homax got many recruit people, some of them are transknight, well it is a good start for me for the newbies.

ok thank you


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