Posted by: sultanjohor | September 4, 2008

Buy SKills For Transknight

hi all, welcome back to my blogs, today i will discuss about transknight skills

below are example photo for a skills of transknight

If you playing Transknight the skills you should buy is the faith skills and trans skills.For Faith Skills, you can buy the number 2 to 7 skills.The most important skills for faith is the growth because it can increase your CON and also increase your HP. The Slow Slah is good for lowering the enemy attck and speed, you can use it for monsters too.The Aura of Life is good for regenerate HP for 8 sec, well dont depends much on aura of life because it depends on your INT, well it is good for Magicknights.For TK, it heals around 100 and not more than 200 normally.Tk dont need INT, normally TK stats for INT only 4 point.The attract skills is my favorite part for PK ! you can use the attract skills to pull the enemy come to you instantly.!

For trans skills, you can buy from skills number 1 to number 8. For last skill number 8 you need to spend 50m to buy, better save your money for the last skills. The critical armor now is just a passive skills. It increases your critical rate and deffence for a certain period of time. You have to fate your armor to plus 9 with a good stats option that have critical stats, the best is critical 7. Not forget to use the critical stones 5.0 for increase your critical value. Upgrade all your armor, critical stone for greater high critical rate.

The Rescue skills is good for your deffence too, you need to recharge it everytime you want to go for PVP. It helps a lot for your deffence. Rapid piercing , assult and some trans skills is very usefull, you need to right click your mouse to use it.

Melee attack is the fastest way to kill enemy, perhaps you need a good attack speed depends on your DEX status, Amulet, Helmet and your weapon stats.

Above picture show the skill point that you will get depends on your levels. This point are just for mortals only.


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