Posted by: sultanjohor | September 4, 2008

Oh My God ! Finally..

Hi guys, CM,Gm and all my friends, on 4th September 2008 is my 1st god birthday..hehehee. Finally i can use my Ancient god weapon 63 dmg.Below are my photo of my god class character.

yay..i see green !!

The photo shows my friend FoR-HuNT from Zeus guild  and anakiller from Conquerers.

i’m happy and glad finally i can create my own god class characters. Its time for me to level up faster and find stuff that i needed to be strong. Its time for payback time,  i was been PKed many time when i was a noob. I still remember those name, just not want to mention it here , ehhehee..

yeah, it is a dream come true. When i was mortal its hard for me to get money, level , quest and other stuff that need to learn and from that experience i will use it for good for my god character.

I hope my story can be a guidance for the newbies of WYD.Well you can ask me for PM chat at sv4 normally i’m on. I try to help for answer question but i cannot help you for the money ok, hehehe..

My journey does not end here, more still come , just pray for me to live longlife. If i’m still alive well i try put more stuff to this blogs when i got free times. Hopefully….

okay thank you for your readings…

Goodluck and have a nice day..!


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