Posted by: sultanjohor | September 4, 2008

What To Expect in My Blogs..this season

Hello all, all this season CM, Gm are the busiest person on WYD, So many activities and event that we can gain from WYD. For sure for this journal event, it helps me a lot when i was announced as a winner for the 1st season. It keep me high on demand for better article and serious article too maybe, i hope i can make more good article and stories that i can share with my all WYDians friends. For this season  this event make me more energetic from the 1st season because the rules are getting tougher and the prizes are getiing bigger than i tought i was experienced in the 1st season.

Hopefully for this season i can make cool blogs  with good information and stuff. Need more brainstormng and brainwash to produce a good blogs maybe..

30 days to fight in this event with so many people join this event, try to be the best maybe..

My blogs hopefully can help new player this season and maybe can born more transknight in WYD in the future.We need more transknight in battlefield. We need more and more if can for a transknight.

The journey never stops for blogging in WYD, i still have the time to writing blogs, i spend about 1 hour- 2 hour to make my blogs with some info and images that are needed.

For this 2nd season also i hope i can see my outer limits for blogging ! i was told you i never write a blogs until the 1st season is coming, i was try to learn and make it my own blogs.

It need a basic thing for idea and try to elaborate your idea, contents and etc that are needed for producing great information.


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