Posted by: sultanjohor | September 5, 2008

How To Use MOL Points

Hello WYDians, hehehe, finally WYD have bring MOL come in this game. My blog today will show you how to use the MOL point.

Firstly, MOL point is use for buying your WCOINS easy and instantly without any problem but need a careful action, if you ever try more than 3 hit you will have to wait until it can be hit again.I think around 1 hour maybe, for security purpose. DOnt ever spread your PIn number to unknown people.

You Need to register your account with, it is a nationwide payment systems. At Malaysia normally we buy at nearest shop like 7-ELEVEN, petrol station, and other places. IT is a great and easy access for MOL POints.

Dont forget to buy the MOL points first before you register MOL account !.

Main page of your account

Click at WYD Global Game for purchase WYD COINS.Dont forget to key in you MoL points into your account.

After you buy the WYD Coins with MOL, copy the PIN number that are given. After that Open WYD website.

After you open the WYD website, LOG in your account first, then you will see the bottom side box. Then paste the pin number that you already copy into it.

and WAZZAAaaaa  !!!! open your WYD game now and go Click NELL and start BUY WYD STUFF !!

Thank You


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