Posted by: sultanjohor | September 6, 2008

The story of me with Balmus

Today is warm and cool at Armia Town, i’m walking around the street of armia. i’ve seen many people walking around and some of them say hi to me and some of them wanna trade me with some stuff but i did not want it. Walking around the town with no reason , i dont know what to do. Luckily i got a fenrir to walk around town.My fenrir eat around 5 pack of food but sometimes 2 or 3 packs a day, it help me when i’m attacking the enemy. Today i’m not much activity, i was going level up with water N share to level up my god character.It was a great experienced for me. I run run around town to see if my friend is online or not but it says ” the other player not online” LOL… i was jumping server to server to find all my friends in all WYD town. So sad there is no Cinema at Armia town. i was put off my fenrir and take some walk around town, my sword very heavy but its cool…

Suddenly oh well, wait a moment.. ssshhss..ProOo00oOottttttttTTT…psssstt…pooootttttt…. ( I’m Fart) the sounds so amazing, if i’m going to competition i will be sure win for that sound !.. the moment for farting is a great feeling while i’m playing WYD..

So, im continue my walking and i’m hungry then i go to PK Arena at Armia town.. I see Balmus selling a mango..

Balmus is an owner of a mango shop in front of PK Arena… So i meet him to buy some mango..Below are my dialogs with Balmus the mango seller.

SultanJohor  : “Balmus, how much for 1 kilograms?”
Balmus  : ” 1 million per Kilograms!”
SultanJohor   : “LoL, So expensive !!! .. i want 500k for 1 kilograms, can !?”
Balmus  : “LoL, my price is very cheap cheap !”
SultanJohor : “what if the mango not sweet, then how ?”

Balmus : “If the mango not sweet,Dont pay for it!”
SultanJohor : “yay..hehe, ok give me the non sweet mango for 10 kilograms !!!”
Balmus  : “#$%@%&%?


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