Posted by: sultanjohor | September 8, 2008

Cool Pics For Cooldude

Hehehe..what happen to my friend Cooldude ? he suddenly put his real photo at his blog for WYDians..This is my first time seing his real life pictures. All this time we only see his character moving all around town. Anyway thank you for putting your real pics for all WYDians.

Look into his pictures he seem like a cool and nice guys. Girls out there especially WYDians will pm him more than he will experienced it. Today i got a surprise for you cooldude.. hehehe, well see the dark side of me. I made a very special pics for you , a thing you cant imagine. hehehe, i know you will like it bro..

This is the real pictures of cooldude. Look smart , maybe he is going to work maybe with this type of dress.

wahhh..imagine he is Peter parker from Spiderman movie, hangin on the spider web with beautiful actor. hey, cooldude put my article to Daily Bugle ok. hehee ^^

Well sometimes he help people in WYD, we also can call him a Batman of WYD. But hes not wearing a helmet, LoL of course, coz he already god lol.

ehhehe, i try to make my favorite cartoon for him, he look cool if he become a Goku from DragonBall.Nice hair , super saiyan is come in WYD. Becareful guys, he will PK you all, dont make him turn into orange !!

Yo, Coolio, this are my creative side for modifying photos.i was bored nothing to do so i open my favorite software (Adobe Photoshop) to express myself. Well creativity is beyond boundries.

Hope cooldude is okay, i just make a cool pics for him,maybe he likes too. He is a cool and nice guy to friends with.

okay hehe, hope you dont mind, take care and goodluck.



  1. LOLOLOLOLLLL bro apis i really love it!

    wahahaha. thanks bro for taking time to gimme a makeover LOL i like the dragonball one wahahaha. goku cool! šŸ˜›

    love this post bro. really.


    im speechless XD

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