Posted by: sultanjohor | September 8, 2008

Nothing Else Matters

Hi guys, well…  for this week i’m just level up my god character, it was fun having a god character because all this time i was level 400 mortal, i was join water N share for a whole 3 days, now my level is 286, today i will try find water M share, hopefully can go level faster and can gain money faster. hehehehehehe

Level up god character its like remembering all the stuff we need to learn back from the past, now i already all the skills for trans and faith , but only the 8th skills not buy yet, i need to buy my 8th skills later, yeah it is critical armor for sure.

Today i not have much job at academy because not many global members are online, so i just do 1 party for all including all new members. Everyday me and homax get new members especially the newbies.It was fun talk to them coz they are talkative.LoL…. ^^. sometimes it was anoying but its okay coz they are new players, they also need help from the seniors. Me and homax will be there for you.

I’m happy becuase so many members in global are now gonna level up 400 and they will be make a god character soon. They will be a pro player and hopefully they can do their best to achieve their goal and mission for their destiny, thats why this game called “With Your Destiny” !! LoL

What is Your Destiny ? !…  @@ ).. if you want to be celestial or more you must have a good determination and good in physically and mentally to fullfil your destiny. Try to aims or achieve your target, and not forget the friendship between us. Nothing else matters if somebody make some mistakes, after all this is a game for fun and enjoy.!

we learn from mistakes, even i’m also make mistakes sometimes we dont see our own mirror, other people will see it. Today my water party so fast because not have traffic jamed and not many members attend at my time shift today. Maybe some of them goin school or maybe got exams. Hopefully they will success in life too.

Yo, Cooldude like my photo make up.. !! yay, he likes it, loll.. cool… maybe i can make more photos for him, hehehe. if he can do like me, i will give my photo to him as well. hehehehe. but im not take photo yet because i’m not cut my hair yet, my hair very messy like a old school 80’s hair style. i need a new hair cut, a short cut hair.i just need simple hair and can save my money for goin barber shop or saloon. Then after im cut my hair i will put my photo maybe. hehehe LOL..

Today not so many activities maybe, im just need to join water M share for level up my god chaarcter. maybe going to PK someone, if i’m bored i try to put more stuff on my blogs.Okay thats all for today,

Thank you for your readings..




  1. yea bro i really love it haha really pro edittin. i showed my friends and they laughed like mad just like CM Dhar wahaha.

    but sorry bro i dont know how to edit pictures >_<
    kekek. i suck at pictures editting stuff. huhu.

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