Posted by: sultanjohor | September 9, 2008

A little Story….

Hello WYDians,

Thank you and welcome for still reading my blogs, well today so many activities adn so many things happen today. I read about Cooldude blogs, luckily he likes my make over photo,i hope he can save it for a memorial of my artwork, its like your birthday gift as well. hehe.. I hope Cooldude will success what he do and goodluck coolio.. i will always be here in WYD world. I will be your friends bro, not matter where you are.

today my god level is 327, you sure dont belive it, coz i make my god yesterday.. It was around 4 days maybe since im god character, the first day is i joined water N share with my freinds and the water N share still keep going until im reach level 286, after im reach level 286 i join my water m share the whole day, and the M shares still keep going because i want to set my stats.It fun being a god character, i can use my ancient weapon, i like the looks so cool. well people say i’m lucky for winning the 1st season but i spend my time to write blogs around 1-2 hours, for brainstorming take about an hour before im start wiritng my blogs, it needs a patience and hardworking. yes it is a tuff job, the thing is the IDEA, and the PRESENTATION of your blogs, it might be easy if you just copy paste contents from other website but you didnt get the chances for this 2nd season. The hard way is to give people info or article that are usefull for all WYDians and globally, Journal event is not just putting the screeenshot but it need a story or article that can read by people and a lot of infos and cool stuff that will make people enjoy reading it. I hope my article is not too heavy or too boring, if you feel something that come in your mind and you can tell me and i try help to discuss it in my blogs maybe…

I am enjoying this game because of many reasons, i have a lot of times and dont know what to do beside gaming, but sometimes i’m just afk ingame , i will afk if i have some important job of my real life. But normally people say i’m 24 hours ingame, well its just 12-16 hours a day. Yeah it sounds crazy but its not a problem to me, we must have a limit of time for gaming too. I have sleep well, eat well, check my emails, go shopping, and sometimes goin out with my frends.

Today WYD much more cool and interesting, i see many newbies come in WYD for gaming, i see many old SD player coming play again for WYD as their option for gaming. Yep its cool to get new players everyday, we can know each other and getting a whole of new friends worldwide. Everyday i’m getting a new friends especially the newbies that come for recruti at my academy shift. Me and homax recruit them and try help them for quest or try to answer some of their questions.

Above pictures shows me with Knightsbane, yep yesterday i saw him AFk at town and he not answer my pm, He is a MK for his god, as i remember his mortal is a TK. He is my old OP for Destiny academy when i was noob low levels, he teachs me a lot for WYD at that time. Today i’m an OP for Global academy at Sv4, i try to be the best OP if i can, i try to do what is good for newbies of WYD,i’m sorry sometimes i’m afk after waters because i have to spend some little bit time for my job and you can sms me , just type my name e.g is /SultanJohor ! message . i try find you later.

Knightsbane is my old mentor or other word is a teacher for a transknight. He teaches very well and i’m learn and understand it and try to be the best character for TK maybe, i have my own determination and ambition too. Hope goin celes soon..

I have so may friends in this game, i’m more popular maybe since i’m writing this blogs, It is a fun and enjoy for writing a blogs even if i dont win this event for 2nd season. I’m just want to share my tough and my opinion for WYD with all my WYDians friends.I just love the laks hehehe, if i’m win for god weapon and god class armor for this 2nd season i will keep it for my own and not sell it coz i do a very hard job to achieve it.

For upcoming journals i try put some more journals as i can for all WYDians.

Thank You ^^


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