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Sword Of The Universe

The Beginning ( part 1)

Armia were in chaos and most all town were conqueur by the evil enemy, the dark side enemy so evil, many innocent people and little children was killed by their soldier demon Moloch and their flesh and meat were eaten by the heavy tarons witout cook.The evil of dark side is the Kephra, Kephra is the leader of evil enemy of dark side. They are the ruler of all town, nothing can stop them for being evil to human kind.

The kephra is the ruler of most all the town, nothing can stop him…. Their army will rise when the sun going down, all fear at the night and go for shelter for safety, all warriors are ready and most of them died in the bare hands of Demon Moloch.Their head slaugthered and eaten without mercy. No one cant stop them, they are still searching for the most valuable sword to rule the universe. Kephra is hunting for the most precious sword of Armia, but the sword still not found yet until now..

One sword to be rule,,

one sword to be faithed,

Only the chosen will be the ruler of universe,

The chosen one will be faithed

In the land of Armia,where the shadows lie,

One sword to rule them all, one sword to find them,

One sword to fall them down and blind them,

In the land of Armia where the shadows lie.

One sword is to be ruled mastered by the chosen one, only the true warrior will be choose by the king of Armia, king Gantaur is the king of Armia, where the lands is full of great warior and still remains protecting their town for safety. They make a big wall for their gate of town to stop the evil enemy from coming to town.

King Gnathaur : i may rule all true warrior to built a big wall of town immediately before suns going down ! ( he said with seriously)

And all warriors and citizens make a big wall within a day to protecting their town and their family…

They never knew the existence of the true great sword that will rule the universe, the sword of thron of Breaker are the sword of universe, It is for good and evil purpose, depends on the heartwill of the chosen one, Until one day, the weird wizard come to Armia and meet the kings to send a good things..

Weird Wizard says: you may find the sword of universe to be use by the chosen one, and only the chosen one will, the sword will rise a thunder in the sky if the chosen one become a master of the sword, and no one can hold the sword of universe…..

King Ganthaur says: If its true the sword of the universe will be use by the chosen one, who should it be among us will lead the sword?

Weird Wizard says: They will be among of you that will come soon with great ability of mortality and master of the swords, You may teach the master swords by the good faith and lesson if you want he to be a good chosen one.

King Ganthaur says: well, if its true, i will obey your rules and teach the chosen one to be a true warrior

Weird Wizard says: You must find a Knight leader to teach him with great abilities and mortality,

And the weird wizard disappear suddenly without warning, King ganthaur were in puzzled and all the people were shocked and puzzled on what was happen really..

King ganthaur just sit down on the kingdoms to think about the thing was happen to him and his citizen..

Until one day, the big strike of lighting attacking Armia town, one big of fire was going down to the land of Armia field, King Ganthaur and his warrior and bodyguards going the field of Armia to see what was happen, it was a big lighting of thunder but it became normal suddenly when something is landing on the field.. King Ganthaur walk with his true warrior and bodyguards.

They riding a fast horse to reach the locations, King Ganthaur and his warrior surprised what they are seing really…….

King Ganthaur : I couldn’t belive this?

His Bodyguard : yea, i couldn’t belive this, how that can it be…

Something weird is going on that Armia field, its a baby from the hell !!!

King Gnathaur : Dont kill the baby,we can use the baby for good purpose,

And the king and his warrior bring the baby from hell to their kingdoms, the baby not harm and look more evils on the physicals.

They walk across the woods and trees to reach their kingdoms town, suddenly a lighting strike was chase them until they run and found a weird place,

They seing a big sword with a shiny light and it is stuck on the big stones at the fields,King Ganthaur rule his warrior to bring the big sword along with the big stones to their town kingdom.They using a horse calvary with 20 horses. The big sword is a big and long sword , no one of the King Ganthaur warrior can hold the big sword……

Until one week after the accident, King Ganthaur still confusing on what really happen and he and his warriors taking care of the baby, the baby from hell act like normal human kind baby but still cant talk or acting like human baby, he may not cry, until he hungry for food.

The weird wizard come suddenly without warning, and meet the kings.

weird Wizard : You may now raise the child from hell, it was destiny to be send for your kingdoms, You may train the baby for goodwill and purpose for your town safety..

King Ganthaur: How should i say… why is it from hell? how could it be….tell me my wizard…

Weird wizard : The God send this baby for your town safety, only from the hell can kill the evil enemy, the baby must be train and learn with good lessons with great human mortality as you can train him, Nothing can stop him if he rule the sword of universe..

King Ganthaur : what is the sword of universe?

Weird Wizard : it is the sword that was send by the angels at the day you was found that baby from hell.

King Ganthaur were amazed , shocked, and nothing to say or ask more to the wizards about what was happen.

King Gnthaur just sit down and look into his people of kingdom and thinking something……..

To be Continued…



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