Posted by: sultanjohor | September 11, 2008

Today Journals

Hello and welcome to my blogs, today i just do my normal job , leading academy water and chatting with the guildmates something that we can share and something that we can talk about. The guildmate is good when sometimes you need help from them and you can share something that you want if you and your guildmates are close enough, friendly.

In academy the guildmates are more friendly by each others even some of them is greencape, blue, red or white cape, there is not much boundry in each of them because they are sharing the same reason for joining the academy, for friends and enjoy while doing soemthing that we can share by the name of academy. We are proud to be participate in academy when we have a good relation with our guildmate friends or OP.

Normally i will buy or sell to my guildmates first before im selling by auto trade. Give priority to your friends and have fun together while you have the chance to do it.

Today im just busy looking at people ingame and just hanging around to all servers and lookin for saphires for my god. Well it is hard to choose the cape that i wanted for my god,i was many time going to kingdom looking for how many saphires that are needed for red capes and blue capes, i am surprise because red capes need 64 saphires and amazingly the blue capes want 4 saphires only, The number of saphires are increasingly for the red capes, while the blue capes will be more people coming into it with just 4 saphires needed to get a cape.

Its hard for me to choose blue and red at first, i’m just choosing to be red capes for many reason and the first reason is my true real life friends is in red capes !!. we have known each others by years and its hard to be their enemy . Well i have friends too in blue cape but mostly are ingame friends ,

I have my freedom to choose and i dont let myself to be lead by others for what i have to do, I have friends in both side , blue , red and white but i choose to be what i am to be.

The main thing is you enjoy the game with your friends and share the same tought while gaming, its not a crime to choose your own destiny and you have the freedom to choose.

You Know Your Rights !!!!

thank you.


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