Posted by: sultanjohor | September 12, 2008

101 Reason’s Why I love Playing WYD

Hello all, today i will explain the real meaning of the word HUNDRED ONE for WYD Global. Its is hard to describe from number 1 to 101. Only MSTR-FOEMA can do that, he must be spend a lot of hours to thinking the list of all reasons. Today i will explain the thing that can we tell by the word of HUNDRED ONE !

H– Helping

U– User Friendly

N– Nationwide

D– Drop Rate

R– Realistic 3D features

E– Exploration

D– Digits

O– Online

N– Newbie

E– Enjoy

1. Helping

In WYD Global, i like the way of GM, Cm helping their player if the player need some help by using QnA section in WYD website. Sometimes GM will summon the player that needed help. Gm are very good and fast action if cases like scamming or other related stuff that involved security.The Operators also helping new player for level up faster by leading water party and recruitment.

2. User Friendly

The interface of WYD Global is user friendly, the player just need to use the control panel at the bottom side for controlling their charcacter, The player just need to see the meny section if want to do some quest with their required level and there are many shortcut can be use while playing a game.

3. Nationwide

We can see many people all over the world playing this game. Many types of races, cultures, languages and we share the same hobby. All gamers all over the world is having fun with their all friends from worldwide to gather in one place where they can chat, killing, running, and all other stuff that are cool in this game.

4. Drop Rate

This is the game where we can hunting all night and day, the drop rate is the key for hunting, we can change server if we want to see the drop rate whether it is good or not.

5. Realistic 3D Features

WYD Global offers special effects for movement, character shadow, the wind blows, sun , and all types that are similar to real world effects.The movement looks like a real movement of real life reality.

6. Exploration

This is the place where we can explore new places everyday, taking a screenshot, and sometimes we are like a travelers moving from town to town using a teleport.

7. Digits

This game is good for the school kids and above, no age limit !!. This game teach the school kids about numbers, they can learn mathematics so fast in this game, imagine for 1 level up they can count how many Exp they should if they are joining academy waters. They can know and target what level they should achieve in 1 day. Ths game also teach the player that are weak in mathematics. They can open shop or doing a business in this game, well it is a good start of business trading simulation. So they can adopt it to real life business situation.

8. Online

WYD global offers non stop plaing game using an internet. we can download an installer of WYD from website almost from everywhere in the world and we can use it to as a communication tools to chat and meet our love one.

9. Newbie

All of the player are start from the newbie character, with a grade A armor, pig mount and a cutluss for a start a quest at training camp. We can start playing free with this game, its good for the start. WYD offers an asistant for Newbie player, the Community Managers and also the ingame operators are always there for the newbies. The Newbies can ask the ingame operators for asking help about the ingame difficulty or problems.

10. Enjoy

The main thing for WYD is to enjoy your gaming. Enjoy is the key factor if you want to stay fun everyday in this game. This is the game to unlock the boredom in yourself. You will be playing this game from 1 hour to 20 hours per day at the beginning. So behave yourself, dont forget to go school and have a nice sleep. Dont get your mom and dad angry ok!


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