Posted by: sultanjohor | September 13, 2008

Game Master I’ve ever Known

Hello All

Welcome back to my blogs, thank you for still readings my blogs. Game master a.k.a  GM, well its not Griffin Master, remmeber that guys, hhehehhee..

I’m not get the chances to meet all GM in WYD but i can talk about the GM i know.Gm helps a lot when we have some problem technical and doing the great stuff for WYD.

GM Loki

i like him because he is so hardworking and cool, the reason is when his handle the General event he normally make appear mobs  many times until im getting many lak scrap, quest ticket box, and ori scrap. From my opinion he is a friendly person, the way he talk ingame and he sometimes straight but sometimes can negotiate if some problem arise for example is reagrding OP shift hours and etc. Always look at the academy to see the real situation and disappear very fast.

GM Fury

he help me much when i’m getting my cape for my god characters, well he is not so many appears in town but he is very helpful when some one need help. I dont have opportunity to talk much with him but he is doing a great job.

Gm Zeus

GM Zeus is cool, he was helped me when my fenrir was lost. Thank you Gm.

GM Sexy

He is the strongest of all GM in WYD, he said. Maybe, because i didn’t see yet he kill other GM. At first i dont believe that GM sexy is a GM because of the name maybe, i was wondering at first why he is put his name GM but finally he is a real GM when he summoned me. He is using a Fire Tigers, i wish i can get fire tigers someday..

owhh man i not remmber how many GM here in WYD, sorry for some name i cant remember.Sorry Gm, if some names not appear on my blogs because i cant remember.


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