Posted by: sultanjohor | September 15, 2008

The Best Community Manager


Hello dude, welcome back.. hehe today we talk about CM…

There are 4 Cm  that we know, Cm Aruman, Cm Nyx, CM Dhar and CM Tonberry. But i will share my experiences about the CM that i was met. I’m not very lucky to meet all the Cm but at least i know some of them.They are here to help the WYDians ( not help for item and gold sorry guys) and to cheer up WYDians no matter where you are.

CM Tonberry

Tonberry is the first CM i saw in WYD.  Well, he says his name is Tonberry but well, ahha… lol, i found that that Tonberry is the monster name from Final Fantasy.. hehe it doesn’t matter. Hesa good and friendly person. I still remember the first day of his appearances in WYD.

The first day i remember i met him at Pk Arena with so many people surrounded him and all people confused at that time, some of them said Who is Cm?, Is it GM? or some of them says give me money please !!…  At that moment CM tonberry tells everything what is CM , what is that so and so on etc..etc..etc.

He seem look patience to answer all the question and try to help answer all the questions. So, im just asking about WYD characters and etc that i need to know. we were talking a very long time until no people surronded him and no spams much. Its like meeting an old friends,Its cool when you meet tonberry, he will assist you that you need to know about characters in WYD.He try to answer all your questions but make sure he is not AFk… LoL ! ..

CM Dhar

Cm Dhar is the 2nd Cm i met in WYD. CM Dhar is a good and ncie person too just like CM Tonberry, He is very friendly and most of the time he is always appear in WYD, normally at Armia town. He is a char person, he likes to talk and telling the upcoming news and try to help new members in WYD. i’m still remember the day 1 little newbie come and asking the people around him about the cape quest, So me and homax voluntered to help him to do the quest for him, because the newbie is dont know where is the kingdom location, But suddenly CM Dhar appear beside of us and he says ; did some one need my help? … and we were shocked ! and we tell CM Dhar that the newbie need help for Cape quest..

So CM Dhar Summoned the newbie to the kingdom places and me and homax show him the way and we make party so the newbie can chat with  us while he is inside the quest. Me and homax are glad that the newbie successfully get a cape, well the newbie is HK members but me and homax as an Operator ingame try to help even they are different academy but we are same WYDians..same hobbies and same feel about WYD..

CM Dhar is a helpfull person,and he is very hardworking, so many times he hide right now, i dont know why he likes to hide, he have so many lak powders.Now he has Toneberry to hide with him.

I was doing a hide and seek too last time, but it is for global academy only, me and homax suggested we do a hide and seek event for global, the prizes is 2 egg swift horse , i try to hide and homax try to tell the members to find me but unfortunately, nobody wants to find i feel i’m not so important, maybe important for waters…jokes.. dont take heart…dont mind.!


Thats all i have to say, I’m sorry for those Cm i dont put your name in here because i dont know what to say. I dont get the opportunity to meet all the CM. we will meet someday…

For all WYDians, dont ask them for money okay, try ask them about WYD infos, news or anything that you need to know. They are here to cheer all WYDians here, they make the game more fun and enjoy…at least they know what was really happen to all the WYDians.


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