Posted by: sultanjohor | September 16, 2008

Diary of an Operator

Hello all, today im not much activity, as normal routine i will do my shift at 13.00 gametime for Global academy.Normally i will do the water party and my partner Homax will do the recruitment. We normally do at Sv4 between Aki and Griffin, but mostly we called it Aki.

Water party still running as fast as regular days, normally we do 3 party because Global members are increasing everyday, Normally global members not AFK when waters because they have to wait for water party.For the first party i will party the earliest member arive, 1st come 1st serve.. Then Homax will do recruitment for new members at AKi.

When the 1st party running, normally i will memorise all the names in my party. I do 5 scroll for each party, the first party moving fast without any delay and also the other party. I’m normally save my location exactly infront of the waterfalls. When the boss level recall time i will pop outside waterfall and come back for level 1 water, and sometimes if i have extra scroll for example level 4 or above i will jumped into it if the there is a traffic jams in water. In my invent i will spare much for warp scroll and recall scroll for faster movement of my water. The fastest water without any reparty or delay is around 20 minutes – 25 minutes for 15 scrolls but it also depends on your members, if they killing fast that means your are fast.

After the 1st party finish i will recall to Armia town and running to aki and make party of new members and make a full party, normally the 2nd party people is a new members and come late and dc. party all of them and  using warp scroll to go back waterfall. Normally people will AFk when they get party sometimes, it is hard when we doing Box in water party, some of them not listen or pay attention that was really happen in water party. I wanna thanks to my guild members that was sponsored many EXP Boxes for academy waters, thanks to my guild members ysosomagic, default, Caligstar, and some other names that i’m not remember. Thank guys for sharing with academy.

Congrats again to all Global who already turn to God Characters, the name i remmber is Stilgar, Xyra, Rekover, shadowprince, Caligstar, Homax, Alia, and some other names i’m not remember, forgie me guys, if you want your name in here tell me okay, i will edit my page and publish it again.

At the moment im not have much problem in handling water for academy, the global members are really good at this time, but sometimes they are a bit naughty by Pking Afk people at desert, but that thing not happen again right now, it was the first time that i’ve been OP.Now the members are good and they like to make money a lot. Some of them collecting loots on desert and can earn 5mil in a day. Some of them jumping servers to servers to collect loots on desert, and most of the members will do hunting at desert for drops and level up. It is a good thing for them as long they not Ks other people and they make a good thing.

i want to appreciate my members for being a good members and thank you again for joining  academies league. I’m still dont know who is the real person of Claw- , he is the solo beginner for Global academy. He win 2 times i think, but he is really good player for BM. I’m salute for him because he is the solo members that win for beginners division.

I’m glad global members still joining the league, it does not matter if you keep trying to enjoy and if lose it does not matter to me, at least you have try your best. If you i’m really glad as an OP.

Today im not level up my god characters because im not have enough water scrolls to join and not enough money ..lolol.. Today i’m just PKing people with my god charcters. I’m enjoying Pking people at many places and jumping from each servers to get the frags.Being a god character a little bit bored because you have to level up more and more to be stronger and have to spend your money to upgrade the equipments, stones and etc that are needed. At the moment i’m collecting the stupid stats of god armor to make my own god armor with a good stats.

okay, i think thats all for today blogs. Not much happen today, just meeting some friends and guildmates ingame and spend a lot of time for chatting.

okay take care guys and girls… Thank you for readings ……… P


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