Posted by: sultanjohor | September 16, 2008

You Know Your Addicted to WYD Global when…

hahahha, this is a great topics to share, i will talk about the things from my experiences.Below are the real facts of me and maybe same with yours too..

You are addicted when… see below facts…believe it.

WYD…Belive it Or Not. !!! wazzZZZaaa !!


1. You wake up morning and looking your shop character and see how much money in cargo.

2. Sleep late and sometimes dont sleep almost for 2 days.

3. Insulting people real much ingame and your mind was 100% pure ingame and the game is your real life.

4. Sitting infront of computers 3 to 10 hours  with no food, just take a bit of snacks and drinks when needed.

5. Your eyes are red, not much sleep and look tired.

6. Always sleep infront of your computers

7. Going late for exams

8. Or not going to work and absent

9. Your mouse always keep changing because  a lot of punching the mouse when Pking people in desert.

10. Your chair become hot coz too long sitted it.

11. Not answering phonecalls and talk faster when someone calls, sometimes you say sorry i’m busy but you are busy ingame not doing job.

12. Buying WYDcoins a lot than normal days

13. Your mouth mumbling and talk much when seing you dead in desert hunting.

14. Spamming too much on citizen chat when you have a problem with GM.

15. You will be crazy like hell when there is a blackout of electricity or lose connection of internet.

16. Running from town to town without any specific reasons.

17. Make a screenshot of your characters and always keep pressing the numbers on keybord.

18. Always talk WYD stuff  when meeting real life friend, mostly related with WYD stuff and items, sometimes you make a jokes of people that did not play WYD, you call them a noob.

19. Sometimes you will make fool for some newbies ingame that asking you for money.

20. You also will play WYD when you sick, sometimes you will bring laptop along with you in hospitals.

If its true or not you will laugh by yourself. i’m admit some of this facts i was been already,but its okay because you got something to do, not even boring but it is a good way for being a gamer.

Okay, hope you enjoy and have a nice day.



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  2. thanks sultan! you too keep up the gOOd wOrk 🙂

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