Posted by: sultanjohor | September 17, 2008

You Know Your Addicted.. WYD.. :P

Hello guys and girls, thank you for still come and read my blogs again and again..well hehehe. I’m happy because now i can see the real pictures of callmeboss from Global academy. Hes a good guy and hes a good member of WYD global. Dont Worry callmeboss i dont mess up your photo, im just doing some make up and nothing much i do about the pics. Your girlfriend photo i dont touch any of it, dont worry dude. hehe ^^.

I will put my photo here soon.. but i hope there is no people in WYD can do like me, i hope so.

Today we will talk about WYD addiction, well normally it is addiction for the beginning only, it will decrese after a long time you play it, someday you will know the day..the day will come.

Let see the real pictures of callmeboss

The pictures shows that he is already addcited to WYD. LoL..Let see his eyes, hair. too much sit infront of computers maybe..Hehehehe…P.. well we are same lol.. Dont worry guys, i already get a permission from callmeboss to makeup his photo, hes a cool guy.. its hard to find people like him.

Well let see if he is continue WYD in a few days without a very good sleep and not much eat food.

You can see a messy hair, smaller eyes, and look his lips too, need more rest i think. callmeboss please take a rest, i’m worried about you.

What about he take a good rest and a good sleep, let see the pictures below

See, a very fresh looking faces, very smart hair, you use Brylcreem hair oil yea? and a look handsome too.Look so fresh new look.

Suddenly his girlfriend come to him and guest what he is happy…see the pics below.. hehe

His girlfriend happy now because callmeboss looks cool ..and happy always…

^^ ok, thats all for today, hope you guys can balance your life okay, dont be too 100% mind ingame. I’m just do a makeup  a little bit.

callmeboss dont take heart okay, coz i’m same like you too, but at least we can show someone what are the real pictures if they are  too addicted.

Okay thats all for now… See ya. ^^



  1. lol sultan 🙂 i tag you in meme xD

  2. gudluck xD hehehehehe

  3. LOL nice makeover!

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