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The Truth is in here..Meme..LOL


Hello All.. ^^

Thank you again for still readings my blogs…today i will talk a lot from normal days. Omg, this week CM ask us to put our real life pics, well im okay with it, i was makeover many faces like cooldude and callmeboss, i save images from their blogs and wazzzaaaa, they got punked and cool makeover…

Today i will talk a bit of my background little bit. But first of all i will talk about my character name, not forget i will talk about my country as well. Hope you guys enjoy my reading okay !.. ^^

well, the character name of SultanJohor i take it from a real person of the very important VVIP in Malaysia. I am from Malaysia, i live at Johor state. My country have 14 states, my state Johor is near to Singapore.

Come let see the map below okay..

okay, let us see my town pics

Johor is the 2nd big city in Malaysia, the biggest city in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. Johor have a many tourist visit here, many singaporean come here to vacations and its quite very traffic jamed during working hours, If you got ooportunity to come here for vacations not forget to call me okay, here we have a lot of WYDians, we have our own community here for WYDians, sometimes we go out together for enjoy, we already do a gathering before, but not many people come coz some of them are busy but we still get a phonecalls or something.

okay, now you guys know my country right and my town, in future i will put cool vacation places of my country ok, so let me proceed about the real person of Sultan Johor. Sultan Johor is the VVIP in Malaysia, Sultan Johor is the king of Johor state. Sultan means King, it is a malay word and johor is the states.

The pictures show the real person who have rights to use the name of Sultan Johor.

My Meme photos

Let me show you the real person in WYD as you see always,thats me i’m SultanJohor from WYD global.I’m OP for Global Academy.

well, i dont have uniforms to wear coz normally i’m wearing t-shirt and jeans only, but CM dhar requested bloggers to wear uniform and post our pics in here so this is my pic at London City. London is a cool places to visits. Im enjoy it.So many cool places here, nice people too. You know what? actually i dont have passport..!!! LOLOLOLOL ^^

The pics show me as a wolverine, i’m a wolverine for the movie X-men the movie but i was disqualified for audition at Hollywood because the Hollywood Director says i’m too funny to be acting as wolverine, he says that wolverine need a very angry face and fierce looking like tigers.

see my pics? i miss Mary jane, my ex girlfriend from Spiderman movie. Peter parker steel my girlfriend from Malaysia. How could she leave me alone here, i’m also want to be spiderman too.

I don have real uniform, well let me just stay naked for you girl..guys not allowed see this pics.. please close your eyes guys..girls only ok.

The Real Life Photos of Me

hehe ^^… okay WYDians.. all this time you never see me before, today is the day i show you all my real life photos in history of WYD Global. I’m not so handsome and just a normal man..

The old pictures above show me and my big sister when i’m a little boy at my house. At this time my age maybe 4 years old. Am i cute ?? hehe..LoL..

This is my real pics, this is my last year pics, sorry now i don have my current pic coz im quite busy but i will try get some new pics for you guys. just be patience i will put it soon. I’m taking this pics at my old internet cafe , now im already move to new places for about 2 month.

well, this is me..hehe ^^. dare to be truth !.. i don’t use to be like other people who use to be a girl. i’m just a me, myself and I, yes it is me a real man.

I’m an Internet Cafe owner, i love to play games.. i used to work before but my ambition is to be more to online, so me and my partner Hanuman open an internet cafe to enjoy WYD and train new kids and new players of teenagers to play WYD. We have an apprentice here…LOL…

okay , you guys maybe asking what is my favorite food right ??. so here it is…

ABC Special

Yum Yum, tasty and delicous.. Wallaaa.. bon Apetit!!.. Bonjourr

This is a beverages, it is called ABC Special, what is the meaning of ABC ? ABC means Air Batu Campur, or it is easy to say Ice Blended Special. It has an ingredient of corn, red beans, syrup,milk, jelly,choclate and some ingrdients i’m not remember but the most imporatnt thing is Ice cream in it.

Nasi Lemak

wow… look tasty right? it is called nasi lemak. It is easy to get in here coz many people like to eat it.The ingredient is fried egg, sambal tumis , ikan bilis, and peas. Not forget the tasty of the rice itself. It will make you eat 2- 3 packs of Nasi Lemak if you find the delicious 1. So becareful if you guys visits here okay, it is addicted too, just like WYD.


Here is Otak-Otak, i dont know how to translate this recipy name, it is a very unique name. Otak-Otak is made from a fish meat, and i dont know much how they make it. The wrapping is use from the coconut leaf.


Hope you guys enjoy my pics, lol… hehhe ^^ .. (“”,) i have nothing more to hide and nothing more to secret. i’m just be myself, and thank you for your time reading my blogs. Hehhehe take care all WYDians..

Not Forget to tag  below bloggers of WYDians for meme:

CM Aruman



















Have a Nice Day !!



  1. Ohhhhhh! im getting hungry! i must visit malaysia and eat that otak otak and lemak not to mention that mouth watering dessert!

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