Posted by: sultanjohor | September 22, 2008

How To Cure Addiction To WYD

Hello all, welcome back to my blogs ^^

Today i wiill discuss about some cool tips for WYDians about WYD addiction.There are many step that can follow and it depends on your self motivation. You need discipline and hardwork to achieve it.This is a good way for the start to control and balance your life.

Follow this steps:

1. Dont make too much characters

If you have many types of characters you will spending more time on WYD.You will do many things for all your characters,find good armors, joining waters and gain more money for level up and what so ever.Try to concentrate for just 1 or 2 characters only.

2. Try listening to Music

Try to leave your WYD for a 30 mniutes for a first try. Open youtube for listening your favorite music and videos. If you can leave WYD for 30 minutes, maybe you can try it after 1 hour or more. It means that dont log in your account for a certain period.Take a good sleep and rest for sometimes, relax your mind when you got stress of being Pked or scam while playing WYD.

3. Read Emails / MSN/ Yahoo Messenger

Try to catch up your old frineds using email, chat or something that are related with it. You can try open your friendster or myspace to look your old frineds update.

4. Take a tea break

It is good for relaxing your throat and stomach, try to eat the delicious food and cold drinks or maybe take a hot choclate and etc.You can try this for a 30 minutes for the beginning.Try to call your frineds for a tea break sometimes. You can share your WYD stories among your friends. Its not a crime to tell your cool stories.

5.Shutdown your computer for a certain period of time

Please do some restart or shutdown your computer sometimes, they need a rest too. Imagine your computer is working 24 hours daily non stop. They also need a rest too. Dont put too much pressure on your computer for multitasking program.

6. Make a schedule for WYD

If you still school, try to make a WYD day. Dont ever play WYD when you have to go school on weekdays. You can make saturday and sunday for WYD day. The reason is you will be late for classes or you will be going late for working if you have a real job.

7. Be Positive

Try to think wisely about something you talk to people ingame. Remember that they are the real person also, a human being. Try to make friends and share some cool stories for fun and enjoy

8. Meet your  girlfriends

Try go out date with your girlfriend sometimes, watch a movie and take a dinner together.Dont let your girlfriend fell bored because of your WYD stuff.If you want her to understand yourself, try to teach her about WYD, maybe she will understand

9. Controll your Wcoins

If you using wcoins around hundred of dollars or a thousand dollar, try to controll it.Try make a minimum target of amount for a month for WYD. If you normally spend 300 dollars or something, try to make it 200 dollars monthly. You have to balance between your real life money and you ingame money.

10. Take a good eat

Dont forget to eat delicious food and relax your stomach. Get the good protein and healthy.

okay, thats all for today, hope you guys can learn something.



  1. 🙂 Afiz = very addict on WYD lol.. heheh see yah around

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