Posted by: sultanjohor | September 22, 2008

My Character Story

Hello All and welcome back to my blogs.. ^^

Today i will talk about a little bit about my god and my mortals.

My God Character

Above picture shows my god character, my god character still remain level 351. Yea, its a hard level when you reach level 351. At the moment i am preparing for upgrading my armor, hopefully the imbue set will work if i want to do by myself and preparing for level 355 for unlock. I need to buy 1 lock seal and 24 lak powders for level 355 quest. My god character still weak and dont have the 8th skill of critical armor. More preparations and stuff to find for built up the god character. At the same time i’m having fun looking for some cool stuff at auto trade shop. I love to window shopping for auto trade shop at sv1 because i can know the market price of good stuff and it can be a reference when you need to open a auto trade shop. Well sometime the seller putting a wrong price for some stuff, maybe they are too tired or something.It is the first step to know the stuff of WYD when you playing this game.You will learn about new things everyday.

My future upgrade for my god:

1. Making imbue set or buy new ancient set (depends on money..LOL)

2. Level up my fenrir

3. Level up more for water M shares

4. Buy last skills ( critical armor)

5. Strengh up the character and maybe need reset stats.

6. Creating 5K or more for attack and need more HP around 15k-20k.

7. Upgrade more deffence

8. Upgarde critical rate & attack speed

well, some of this upgrade i may need a lot of experiments.

My mortal

At the moment my mortal is the strong , my god is weaker because of low levels and did not have the 8th skills for trans.I’m playing my mortal when doing my shift at 13.00 gametime for global academy.My mission for my mortal is to win for OP league, yea it was hard for me to win because some OP have differents style of fighting, some of them using cancellation skills for foema. It is hard for me to increase my Hp back to normal when they cancellation at me and at the same time someone attacking me from behind using a bow. The cancellation skills the the shortcut way to win , its not a problem when i’m getting run a little bit and at the same time im increasing my hp back to normal while i’m running from being cancellation again. The Op league last saturday i’m almost win for that OP league but sadly my hp pots going zero and my fenrir food also gone.Normally for OP league i’m a tanker for the start, i will pk the most dangerous foema and beastmaster using my new Holy Cross dmg 45 plus 8 and shield for deffence. At the previous OP league normally i’m using my plus 9 bhopal dmg 45. I got the advantages and disadvantages when using the bhopal sword. My bhopals sword is good for short distance attack and im using it depends on my opponent. Mostly i will use it for attacking beastmaster and hunter.

My mortal can easily hunting without healer, just preparing some hp pots and setting it to 50 percent for pots. My Hp for mortal is 12k now at the moment and my attack is around 2.5k and attack speed, and 2k deffence. Normally im using my karikass or holy cross and shield for hunting.It was been a long time im not hunting with my mortal because i’m always afk for hunting when i’m sleep but unfortunately im sad not getting any drops because of getting Pked.

For my mortals, i try to win for OP league, i will try my best to win it someday.I’m gonna prove that TK are great too. Tk is my favorite character, even without magic i will stand for the last fight.


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