Posted by: sultanjohor | September 23, 2008

The Gossip WYDIAN! :O

PSssss !!! …. SHhhhhh !! ooOOhhhHH !! ahhHHH !

Welcome all WYDians, thank for for still readings my blogs.i was shocked today because CM put the two topics for this week, well its kinda hard to figure out what is cool about that topic.  we already known many people mostly WYDians. Some of them is good and some are not very well know each other and etc. WHy do CM make this type of topics? it could be some reason or maybe CM want to hear the real story from us, yea we are the bloggers.This topics make me crazy a little bit but i try to make it cool topics and i hope you will enjoy it.

The Gossip of thetelevision

television is not a real name, i will put the name as television only.Its been a long time many people asking who is this person really is. At the moment this person is nice person and many people know this person really,many WYDians still in mystery about this person. This person is very talkative and just like a BBC news and sometimes CNN because this person is talking too much and we can give this person an avatar of a television.

Okay let me give some clues what is the television is:

1. Using shouts too many sometimes 😛

2. A chatting person mostly in citizen chat when get owned someone about the winnings

3. Like to stay at PK Arena Armia Sv1

4. The great player for foema

5. Using many pots

6. Television is an Operator ingame

7. Friendly and strict person

8. Moody sometimes when television is mad

9. Really nice friend to friend with

10. Too many classes to study

Fact Or Fiction

Well, many WYDians still keep wondering about the real profile of television. This blogs is just for make you a puzzle a little bit about what is happening or what so ever. I’m just a blogger, the way im expressing myself in the internet zone. Dont ask me about anything, i wont tell anybody that i didnt know well, you have to dig it yourself.There are many rumors about television. You know the rumors are. it is a profile or something about television.

The profile make this television a superstar in WYD. Its not a crime to be a famous WYDians but it involves with human being feeling and emotion. All the players in WYD is a real human being, its not a toy. I just saying my opinion. Dont take heart if you are heart broken and emotional.

What is the Ending Story?

We have lots of puzzles and things that we always thinking. Not all people in this game are perfect, some of the players are a sudent, working people, businessman, and some are disable people, we do not know the consequences about their real life is. This is a game that involves many things, we share good and bad stories among ourself and we sometimes fighting each other to figure out something truth.

Well, the truth is out there !! lol…hehehe.. The stories never ending until we got the real stories from the real person of Television.

How to figure out?

If you did not really care about the profile, just ignore and do your own job, concentrate on your activities a s normal for WYD. IF you are a fans or want to be a little different you can try to figure it out for the television. For me its not a big problem about the profile or something but i just dont care about it. Nothing to lose or to gain if im care. Just keep following my clues to figure it out by yourself and have good try.

Life keep Goes On

If i were television i  will keep my life goes on for WYDians. Just need some fixing a little bit about the mystery among us. Many WYDians always keep their own secret and i don know why and how they do that.

Nothing is personal between me and television. i’m a friend of television.

Well, this is just a gossips.i’m not talking the real thing of  television in my blogs for this topics.


If you can dig the real secret profile of television, you are the real secret agent 007.hehehe..LoL..

okay, goodluck and see you guys later.



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