Posted by: sultanjohor | September 24, 2008

My Own Gossip…^^

Hello and welcome back !… ^^ Thank You for still keep on readings my blogs. Some people say my blogs sometimes funny and sometimes so serious, hhehe.. yea it also depends on my mood also lol….


Today i will talk about my best friend ingame.Yes, i have a lot of friends and some of them are my real life friend and ingame friends.It doesn’t matter if it is ingame or real life, the impotant is we have a good friendship among us and sometimes we share the good and bad stories together. A real friends will share the good and bad things among of ourself.

Without friends we are alone and no one will talk with us and our life will be messed up because of lonely.A good friend will understand each others and respect each of themself decision or opinion. A good friend will help each others no matter what happens.

I have a lot of friends in real life and many friends too in WYD Global. I got many friends ingame because i was join many academies before i’m becoming OP for Global. It was a great moment when i got the opportunity to be OP. Sometimes friends are good for sharing good and bad stories and get help from them whether by a motivation or discussions.

A Story of Me & Thyrene

Here is me and my best friend Thyrene or her real name is Melanie.

Yes, actually she is my best friends, not my special girlfriend. i was friends with her since i’m joining the Canada Academy. I’m not talk much with her at first time i see her because i tought she is not a real girl.At the first moment,My friend and also my partner Helena90 (Hanuman) is the first person who approach to know her when in Canada academy.I’m surprised when i saw her on her friendster.Yea she is a girl.

One day Helena is not online and i’m making my first step to get know her ingame. At first we just talk a little and nothing much to talk about and each of everyday i’m feel my life not completed if not joining waters without her.Normally i will pm her and talk about something we can share and sometimes makes a jokes about something or what ever as a good friends. The friendship still keep going on and we do good things together ingame.Normally we will take screenshot and quest or event.

Oneday the number of Canada members are decreased everyday, and thyrene at that time stop playing WYD for a moment because of busy in real life. I was bored and nothing to do, thyrene and other friends mostly not online, and that day im taking my steps to join other academy for finding a many friends. I was join Egypt academy, at Egypt academy i was meet TheFirstHero to be recruited in the academy.Then im changing academy to Malaysia because Hanuman get appointed for OP Malaysia. I’m glad to be beack all my friends in Malaysia guild. So many things happen in Malaysia academy, i was joined many league for Hardcore but only wins 2 times with friends of Malaysia. Normally i’m the lastman will dead in the ring and im always get gangbang by other academy, at that time Philipines academy like to gangbang me a lot.I’m having fun even not win many times but the important thing is we enjoy with ourself.

Suddenly Thyrene come back and im surprised and we still keep on friends. We talk by telephone sometimes, but not everyday. Yea we are ingame friends at the start but we do make a call sometimes and until now we never get a chance to meet.I hope i can meet her someday.

She is a sweet, nice to be friends with. She is very understanding and cool girl. She helps a lot when we have a stories to share and we will discuss it when there is a good stories to share. Shes a funny girl too sometimes. today thyrene make a little story of me in her blogs, i’m surprised and i had my tears on when she do that blogs. I’m dont know what to say and i’m speechless. Yea she is true about me and i’m glad to be friends with her.

Anyway Lanie, i’m happy to be friends with you, Hope you can open your god character soon.. ^^i try help you as i can be.

Nice to Know you ,^^ .


I hope you guys can share a little stories of you guys on blogs. For coming soon i will put my friends photo in here. Enjoy below pics from me..ehhehe LOL !

Friendship Never Ends !!



  1. thanks for your blog I like it! thank you… THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

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