Posted by: sultanjohor | September 25, 2008

Your Birthday ….

Hello All !!

Welcome back again to my blog. Everyday i will put more stuff to my blogs but sometimes depends on my idea also.Today im just do normal activity for academy.Its my duty to lead waters and at the same time Homax is recruiting for new members.Well, today i have a good topics, see below…hehehehe

Birthday & Animal

Did you know that birthday date can be related with many kind of animal like rabbits, mouse, cat, pigeon, turtle, Cheetah and monkey. You want to know your real attitude?

The steps is easy, Identify your birthday and look below suitable animal that suite with your birthday below..hehehe… easy right?

You will know yourself much better..

01 - 05 February
24 - 31 Mar
25 - 30 Jun
27 - 31 July
15 - 27 September
17 - 30 November

10 - 24 January
16 - 23 Mar
15 - 26 April
01 - 03 Jun
01 - 09 July
16 - 25 August

01 - 09 January
01 - 03 April
15 - 20 Jun
10 - 15 Julai
28 - 30 September
01 - 16 Dicember

25 - 31 January
13 - 15 Mar
22 - 31 May
01 - 16 November

Pigeon Bird
06 - 14 February
14 - 21 May
16 - 26 July
01 - 14 September
26 - 31 Dicember

15 - 21 February
27 - 30 April
04 - 14 Jun
26 - 31 August
16 - 27 Oktober

01 - 12 Mar
01 - 13 May
21 - 24 Jun
01 - 15 August
01 - 15 October
17 - 25 Dicember

22 - 28 February
04 - 14 April
28 - 31 October


This person is categorised that have a good apperance and normally popular among his friends.This person is a friendly with his friend and your attitude make your friend easy to communicate with you with no boundries of ages or races. Your cool attitude is suitable with you and you will be always responsible for leading any type of group or task.


Very shy and cute, that is the main character that are suitable for you.Sometimes this person like to follow other people and does not much to make a first talk or discussion to someone he did not know.This person also a very carefull person for selecting his new friend.This person always kind to anybody he knows.


Your attitude for this category is the most attractive people attention around him.You have the cool and aggressive attitude.Because of your attitude,many people around you want to be your friend.Its normal for this type of person have a lot of friends and you also can suitable yourself with many kind of people.Sometimes you love to gossip other people and sometimes hurt other people feeling. Your gospel is easy ” Life Must Happy”, in other words also you like to make people attention and you will be always want to be a leader when doing some activities.


Your mystery attitude make people around you always worrying about yourself.In other words, you have many friends. Your emotion sometimes changes a lot and always take a careful step when you with your friends.You also always been a victim for gossips.Refer to your attitude you are suitable to be a leader for great responsibilities.


“Sneaking Freshly Tuber” that is the real pictures of your attitude.You are well knowned and efficient on every task or duty that was given.But unfortunately you are too shy, you must decreased you shy.You are very funny and cute with the people around you.Even you not so in famous people, but you still a well known person.


You are born as a leader. The people around you will always be safe when you around them. You have a good attitude and good appearances.You are very friendly and kind person, that is the reason why people will always like to be friends with you.It not weird thing if you have a lot of friends around you everyday.


You are very soft and kind person.By the way,some people around you not feel so good about you because sometimes you like to make an evaluation about your friend.You mostly like to make you own evaluation about other people.In other words, you are very kind person and you have you own attitude and you dont like to be “double-faced” among people around yourself.


You are too easy to fall in love.You are a cool person.You not a very shy person but sometimes you love to isolate yourself in everyday of your life.


Easy right to know yourself and attitude? yea you can use it as reference too.. Sometimes we always look on other people but sometimes we forget about our look.

Hope you guys Enjoy !!

Thank You ^^



  1. wow, mine fits perfectly with my personality =D

  2. lol

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