Posted by: sultanjohor | September 26, 2008

Gossips, & More..

Me & Thyrene

Hello welcome back guys ^^

Thank you for still reading my blogs, Congrats to Thyrene for her god lvl 1 today. FInally she turns to god. She is hunter for mortal.Guess what for her god? What do you guys think? Yep, it is a Transknight for her god.I will train her for a transknight like me.Its a good day to see my good friend opening a hunter Tk god. I’m not saying i’m the best, but as a good friend i will try my best to help my good friend to be a tk. What if you do if your good friend asking for help? Sure you will help right?

Meet my two good friend of me… Thyrene and her cousin Steffany. Steffany is Hunter foema god.For thyrene is a Hunter Tk god. They are cousin in real life and they enjoy playing WYD together. Finally we are a good friends. Me, Thyrene and Steffany have our own old stories, but at the moment we are a good friends. Steffany is very kind and nice, same as Thyrene too.. thats what i like about them for being a good friends.We will spend time together when theres a time, only with this WYD we meet besides MSN or yahoo and sometimes we call with mobile. We are different part of country but the internet world and communication never break us down.

After having some good time and a lot of talks, me and thyrene go to the bridge of training camp Armia. We talk about many things on the bridge. Yes we are friend but friendly.We are like each other as a good friend.After we have a lot of talk, suddenly thyrene forgot to sleep early, hehehhe… yea she need at least 5 hours for a good sleep because she is working.eheh..LoL!


From many days i was been trought for OP league. SInce im not OP i was joined many league with different academy. Yea its my favorite thing to join each of every league that i cannot miss it. I never give up hope to win, even i’m not the fully stronggest but i’m trying my best to fight the greater that i will meet.

Okay lets talk about their characters.

we have 4 types of characters in WYD. For OP league we can see many foema, BM, and hunter but for a tk not much joining OP league. I hope for coming soon OP league there will be more TK OP joining for league. We need a lot of attacker. I dont like much to stay at the back and wait for enemy to come forward.


OP league is very tough to win because of many reasons. Op league tactics and tricks are depends on the op favorite enemy.Most of them will kill the foema who have the 8th skills of cancellation.There are 4-5 foemas in Op league that have the 8th skills and some of them have resurrect skills. Well sometimes the greater have some weakness too.Foema mostly depends on their buff and a lot of running from being attack by short distance.To be a good player for foema they need to master their keyboard shortcuts. They are weak if meet the Beastmaster that have summons and they will get nothing to do if the beastmaster doing a mana burn to foema. Just depends on your wastefull HP pots to win.


They are great for partying with them,because they have tigers as their bodyguards. The summoner have their own skills and technic to win.Beastmaster nowadays have a good deffence for their skills.At the mean time Tk is their best friends to fight.Beastmaster power are depends on how much MAP you got. The greater INT and greater weapon for map is the best for a good BM. They have many advantages to transform to any kind of battle, a werebear, Titan and etc.


They have a good critical and damages when using a bow, most of them will use the bow for long distances attack.Some of them will use sword sometimes. They have many evasion rate, sometimes we hit them many misses for damages.Mostly they are more to Dex and Con to be strong. Well its kind hard to kill the great hunter that have a good damages and criticals.It depends on weapon and armor.


They are born to fight. To be attacker or to be attack? choose what you want to be…Tk have a good deffence and have a good damages and critical rate. The greater critical rate and damages are depends on their 8th skills critical armor and depends on their armor and weapon too. The more great damages and critical is good for a tk. Tk need a lot of attack speed, damages and critical rate value to be strong fighter.

The League of Their Own

Normally most of the OP will have their own group party. The weaker will join the stronger party to be in safe spots but regularly they will be a lunch meal for the stronger.The stronger will have a good lunch time for winning the league. Its a normal thing for every league.

After the enemy down, the stronger will kick the lunch meal from party and at the same they will kill them so easy using a cancellation skills and tigers. The lunch meal will running away from being pot blocked and the tigers will chase them down until they fall down asleep in the arena.They couldnt last for a real nice fight but normally it will ending as a sad story.

What to expect for next OP league? Not many participants from all academy joining it and also not all OP of each academy joining it. Dont even care if you not strong or something, whether you have a good set 9 armor, or ancient, the important thing is a participation for each of us. It does not matter to win or lose.We must fight for our academy and make our academy become the well knowned among all WYDians.

Some of OP they are not fighting for their academy, normally they will put a tab for their god guild. Some of the OP will be a blacksheep, the OP would rather die easily without fighting with his enemy with difeerent academy but same for guild for gods. where is your respect among all your academy members? . You have to win or have a nice fight even you did not win it, at least you stand for the last fight and your academy members will respect you than you ever imagine and not just leading waters.

Academy League

The academy members will respect you more if you showing a good example of a leader. They wouldnt come for any league even you not showing a good example for them. Normally they will watch you fighting and they will get a spirit to join league because of you. You are their motivation to come on every league.It does not matter for winning for just 1 laks, the imporatant thing is we have a great fun and enjoy.

If you win you will be academy hero and well knowned among other academies. What to expect? you will be a well knowed fighter for your academy.

At the moment Malaysia academy is a hard team to beat for hardcore and advanced division. But mostly they will win 1 or 2 categories at the same time. They win because a lot of participation of their members.Some of them not very strong but with a good teamwork and participation they will win easy.For beginner division normally the Singapore academy are the great opponent to fight with. They have a good combination of characters even they are not much people in a team for beginner.

Okay thats all for today blogs, i hope you guys enjoy reading my blogs.

Take care and see u later dude.. ^^


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