Posted by: sultanjohor | September 27, 2008

What goes around comes around…

Hello Guys and girls..

Welcome back to my blogs

Today not much activity,i’m just helping thyrene to leading water N shares at sv4. We got the good exp for today.Thanks to GM for giving double Exp for today.Almost many people today. Today just a simple day of my life.

i still remmber the time when i was low levels.The first thing i will do is asking for recruit and waiting for water party. It was an excitement day of my life as a new WYDians. Its like a whole new day when get recruited to an academy and join everyday of water party.

Time moving so fast, eveything changes and every each of us making their own steps and do with their own destiny.. Not all people will remain in same academy and some of them will change academy a lot.

I’m happy because i get the chances to meet new people and recruit new members to an academy.Its like welcoming new WYDians to a new world for WYD.

Everyday we can see many new warriors and some of them are getting strongger than strongger than i am.It is a good thing we see they are going for the pro player.



  1. lol… nice blog! to longgggggg o.O

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