Posted by: sultanjohor | September 29, 2008

My Talkshow with OnlyKim

Special Guest : OnlyKim (Polski Academy) Part 1

Hi welcome all,

today i got the opportunity to meet Polska OP, meet OnlyKim. I dont know why i choose OnlyKim, maybe OnlyKim is easy to meet and im always see Onlykim around.

OnlyKim agreed to be interviewed to my talk show.

OnlyKim: Hello Sultan xD

OnlyKim: Should we start? xD

Me: okay, thank you for cumming


OnlyKim: ^^ that word has another meaning

me : Sorry my english bad spelling

OnlyKim: hehe, its coming xD

OnlyKim: lol

me: okay u ready for my question?

OnlyKim: yes, sure

OnlyKim:give me all you got!!

OnlyKim: Wcoins also can xD

me: okay, why you put name OnlyKim?

OnlyKim: now thats simple, Kim is my name

OnlyKim: OnlyKim measn thers only 1 of me

OnlyKim: I am who i am

OnlyKim: LOL

me : ic ic

me: what OP are you now?

OnlyKim:Polska, exactly.

me: why did you choose Polska?

OnlyKim: I do not know exactly, GM put me there. He only gave me germany and Polska to choose

me: okay, before you OP what did you do?

OnlyKim:: i am nobody but a new player, 1 week in WYD. then i’ve got level up 400 that 1 week or more, so i went to apply OP

me: waaa so fast ehhh

OnlyKim: wanna share my gaming language?

me: okay also

OnlyKim: This is about my 3rd week

me: wow

OnlyKim:coming to a month now i think

me: waaa so fast god level 399 , so fast and furios.

OnlyKim: lol, I am hardcore gamer, as the SD spirit as within me

me: lol ….

OnlyKim: my friend got god in 5 days =.=

me: nice nice

OnlyKim: thats more of a challenge to me, lol

me : waaa

OnlyKim: I’ll make new ancient try that soon..

me : yea, you should try also

OnlyKim:: i’m still a beginner, rememebr ? xD

me: yea hehe

OnlyKim: ^^, hopefully i can get celess for this month

me : okay

me: are you working or school?

OnlyKim:I’m a university student

me: tell me your life as an OP?


OnlyKim: since i dont speak polish,I learn basic polish in 30 minutes, the rest took me 2 days to interprate their chats.

me: 30 minutes how you learn that?

OnlyKim: chats !

OnlyKim: Now i can converse a little, but still when it comes to grammar, i am bad at it xD.

me: maybe you need a dictionary lol p

OnlyKim: nah!, translator dont really help, nice member what are counts !!

me:Do you have translator in Polska Academy?

OnlyKim: I have known few PL members that can speak polish and english

me: well thats good p

OnlyKim: normally they help me to translate ^^ when i cant, but earlier i usetranslatorat Poltran.

me: yea your member look nice ^^

OnlyKim: they teach me the civil language instead of the formal from translator

me : ic ic, is it okay the timing to do your shift?

OnlyKim: Not really, but so far i’ve managed since neither of my friends speak Polski. tirings but they taught me a lot of things, no regret ! ^.^

me: yea sometimes we need challenges too !!

me: how many times you eat in a day as an op?

OnlyKim:eating food ingame or real life ?

me: i mean real life.. ehehhe

OnlyKim: I eat only when i’m hungry, doesn’t matter the time

me: are you diet? how many weight you have? hehehehhehe

OnlyKim: average 2 meals, normally 1 meal, LOL!

OnlyKim: Diet? the word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary xD

me: hehehehe p

OnlyKim: why did you choose me? LoL xD, to interview i mean p

me: ic, coz you the Only1i choose to be the chosen 1, coz your name is Only! lol.

OnlyKim: thats a pretty reason ! o.o

OnlyKim: : but it works i guess

me: so i should choose you lol, maybe you are different and weird like others.

me : Coz you are using Orc staff hehehe

OnlyKim: its cute what, i was thinking

me: yea ^^ its a cute weapon lol

OnlyKim: ancient orc staff maybe allright, since kery map 28 hard to find. there isn’t a must for everything.

me: yea the good thing are hard to get…imagine what if is easy to get? So many people will be powerfull.

OnlyKim: Thats the balance ! if only some people are strong they manipulate. just like the old SD. I am enjoying my gamefinding abuser

me: yea war need a lot of money

OnlyKim:and getting the besti could out of me lo, of course PKing is a temptation still when i see someone i hate.

me: yep it is

OnlyKim: those who knew me since SD would know why xD, i am an addict LOL

me: ehheheheheh you are addicted 😛

OnlyKim: so anything goes im living with my friends, so everything in a room

me: ehhh, what should i call you he or she lol

OnlyKim: you cant blame me lol, i dont mind the genders! since Dhar call me a bisexsual. that should be a reason xD

me: ok, lets keep it a secret

OnlyKim: : other opinions of who i am is theirs to keep, i cant controll really xD

me: i think you are Doraemon !!

OnlyKim: if i’m a guy what would happen?

me: do you think im a girl or boy?

OnlyKim: after seing your pics you are a Man. Boy is for kids lol

me: yea in the planet earth im a man. but in planet Jupiter i’m a monster female

OnlyKim: whoever that can guess me who i am , i’ll give a lak powders! those who had seen me or answered my call cannot join xD

me: ic ic i try investigate you later !!

OnlyKim: where is Jupiter?? xD

me: Jupiter is beside Planet of the Apes ! haha

OnlyKim: Planet of the Apes, was where i was from before I’m sent to Khersup xD

me: you also from planet of the Apes, thats cool lol !

OnlyKim: search my blog carefully xD

me: my next question is, if you fart is it more smelly or big sound?

OnlyKim: hmmmm

OnlyKim: I dont really know, i had my earphone on and i was and having a flu xD

me ; LOL

me: what do you think about WYD journal this season?

OnlyKim: i can interprate players through their blog, as writing is part of my hobby,I can imagine players characteristic trough their way of writings.

me; yep, thats cool, how did you imagine their characteristic?

OnlyKim: : want the truth or something nice?

me: the truth maybe ..

OnlyKim: hmm… i sense fakeness..they are trying to be someone else apart from their real person and didn’t aren’t doing it well, their blog eventually jumbled up not knowing which is their style of writing.

me: do you read my blogs? what do you think?

OnlyKim: you let your reader to feel your blogs yet do not want to expose yourself

me: yep.. ^^

OnlyKim: im new to blogging xD

me : im new too ^

OnlyKim: heheheh, not fair!!

me: dont worry i will be nice to new WYDians

OnlyKim: u’ve won last season !!!!!

me: hehe, last season is old story lol :P, this season new beginning for me lol

OnlyKim: is this still an interview??

me: yes this is a talk show remember!

To be Continued ….



  1. Woo Kimmy and Sultan. xD


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