Posted by: sultanjohor | May 16, 2009

Learn TK For Dummies

well, many of us have our own style of making the stats and everyone have their own specialties and today i will discuss on you guys about the status for STR, INT, DEX and CON and  the equipment needed.

Today i will discuss about the mortal character. the setting for celestials are a lot different.Coz we all know many celestials gotvery high map and dmg attack.So today we just concentrate on mortals.


Well you must find a good armor that is i prefer is a Gold Embossed (LE) plus 9 or Slayer E armor plus 9, this is the basic and good start and if you rich you can make your own plus 11 D set or E set for super power or you just can buy ingame. The other alternative is using noobset 11. Noobset problem is very low deff and high in attack coz its perfect stats.

the armor option is must be not low than a minimum requirement, but for sure you must find a high stats if can if you wanna be a number 1 fighter ingame, for example like armor option dmg 42 and crits 9..

For me im using an armor option is dmg 24 crit 7 plus 11. Its still a good armor and i love it..

but  i dont care much about the armor thing coz im not rich enough to buy god armor hehehehhe, for me dmg 24 crit 7 is alrdy good for me….and i can use it for mortals and celestials too, its a good win win solution.


use a HP earing plus 9 or if you rich use the plus 10 lah…

use Damage Amulet that is 40 above… the highest is dmg 50 ingame..

use Spirit stone grade E or F with pd stats or what ever u prefer, but pd is recommended.

use critical stone that give critical 10 percent and make it plus 9, it will give you extra critical percentage.


use a Dragon wing axes or Radient sword or Bhopal Sword with good high option stats.. it will give you extra and powerfull damage.

U need to use with dmg 54 and above like dmg 63 or 72 or more if u rich lahh…


plus ur cape to 9 , just same as your want to refine weapon / armor using a ori powder and lak powder. Use ori powder from plus 1 to 6 and use lak powder to plus from 7 to 9..

use a warrior seal to make a graduate cape .. you must be 355 above.

Go kill some people in quest or etc that you need to make a frag,  then you will get a shiny cape.

The Story:

From my experiences im using a stats that are normal for a melee character.i am more to tanking. its not a problem if you want fight other melee char, but if u need fighting a map char u need a very different kind of stats coz of nowadays Feoma got their mana shield. the old days mana shield was to convert the mana transfer to hp buit nowadays they are not tranfer hp but they use it as a shield coz their hp is low and it give them extra advantage for PK and they also got pot blocks… We need to beat feoma(black) ass coz they got really high map coz we all know that they are full INT!!!…

To only way to beat the high map enemy is using a hunter that using a bow or beastmaster with tigers summon or TK with really high damage attck and must be a good deff.

For me, i prefer to be a Tk coz their look is very cool and not many people choose to be TK…Tk is for people who like to be a killer or a front attacker..TK is the front attacker for a battlefield war.

The Status:

1. Normal stats:

STR= 800-1k

DEX= 400-500

CON= rest of point you have

this is good for pk and for tanking,.. i am using this stats for my mortal I dont care if im die or lose or pawned coz i dont care… the black feoma can kill me easily with this stats if they pot bloks, but if the Fm dare to fight i will challenge him fight with no pots coz they got low hp.Sure they dont want to fight coz they are needed more the hp pots and mana pots. This stats are good when you already got a good armor with good options and a good weapon with good options. But if you dont have good weapon or armor i recommend you to pump up on more STR.

To get a super power you must have a Souls of limit buff to increase ur attack. Make a Souls STR for super damages. It will give you around 3 minutes on buff.

2. High Damages and crits

STR = 1500

DEX = 1000

CON= Rest of CON

Use Souls STR for super damages and a good armor 11 if possible coz you will beat others so easy.

This are the examples of TK stats, soon i will discuss more on the status, coz im still doing my research for TK builds and i will update from time to time.

Hope this will help for the new players.Dont complain my blogs much if you you got a different kind of stats. This is my effort to help new players, if u do reallly care you just need make your own blogs, thats all…

I think thats all for today, ok then see u later…

Bye and take care


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