Posted by: sultanjohor | May 23, 2009

Global Academy Water party

Hi all WYDians

whats up? hope your all fine always… today im gonna show you my water session video exclusively for you guys.

Congrats to all who get appointed the position of country OP and hope we can meet in operator league soon. For the new OP you guys can see how i do my water session for my shift.

The important thing for waters is:

1. Lodester ( for saving spots)

2. Warp scrolls

3. recall scrolls

4. a few hp pots

dont forget this kind of stuff coz it will help you do your job faster during the shift.

The fastest water session i do is 20 minutes for 8 scrolls if all members are attcking. but mostly i prefer my members attacking, im just stand quietly and no attck.

Let see my video here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Global in PK Arena

Hope you guys enjoy with my vids.. sorry i dont have sound for that video


ok all bye and take care


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