Posted by: sultanjohor | June 6, 2009

Back again…

Hello all,

im back again writing my blogs…today we gonna discuss on Mortal souls of limits.

Yea this sephira skills is powerful we can imagine… i was using it since it was illegal, at that time not much people know about this sephra skills..

im the 1 OP in previous time that was using a Souls, but im not showing it to public and not showing it to OP league coz it is illegal at that time… i was using it when im hunting and testing pk my other friends in game..

Today we got so may mortals with souls and the 8th skills is very very cheap now from previous days… the old days the 8th is 50m and now is 5m !!!

today we got so many mortals are stronger  and some of them can kill celestial with superb dmg or map coz of this Souls of Limits buff.

the competition is very challenging and i will upgrade myself as high i can be and im gonna beat down all my enemies and i got my own PK List notes…

i got my own DEATH NOTE, dont get me write your name into my note, if i write it to my note sure you will die.

ok2 oops im talking too much i think,  now let see what are the thing needed for a souls of limit buff…


We have confirmed and finalized the requirements to achieve the Sephira Skill – Soul of Limits for Mortal Characters. Kindly follow these guidelines.

1.) Required Level: 371- 400 Mortals.

2.) You can only use soul of limits after learning an 8th skill.

3.) Get an appropriate secret stone for your char and place it in your inventory.

Transknight – Water Sacred Stone
Beastmaster – Land Sacred Stone
Foema – Sun Sacred Stone
Hunter – Wind Sacred Stone

4.) Go to your channel and talk to the Civil Deligate in Armia Town.


When you learn the soul of limits, your cape will be changed to +0 hero cape with better DEF and HP bonus Soul of Limits cooldown and duration will not depend on your level and is constant stat point increase is lower than the bonus on celestial characters.


During the Channel War (06:00 ~ 07:00), Level 370 and below, Mortal Classes can achieve a Temporary Soul of Limits BUFF for a time duration of 1 hour.

How to achieve this God-like Power?

During Channel War you must give one Laktorerium Scrap to your Civil Delegate.

(Only those who are citizens parallel on what Server are having the Channel War may achieve the Soul of Limit Buff Skill.)

Your Mortal Character will achieve these bonus stats for 1 hour:

2,000 Strength – Fixed Bonus Stat
2,000 Intelligence – Fixed Bonus Stat


10,000 HP – Fixed Bonus Stat

Even though you have 900 Str and 800 Int, your current stats will not add up to the given Bonus Stats. Both Str and Int will remain 2,000 for 1 hour, and your HP will become 10,000 HP regardless of level and Constitution Points.

How to change the Soul Type

You can change your Soul Type by giving the following jewels to the NPC Ehre in Erion.

souls of limit

souls of limit


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