Posted by: sultanjohor | June 18, 2009

Back To WYD Past

Hi all WYDians, HI GM, CM and friends !!

hi , how are you guys? hope you guys have a good day always.. this topic make me roll back my memory when i first start playing WYD.

Back To WYD Past – The sad accident

I still remmber when i was low level mortal not have green cape i was going somewhere inside the game to learn and know all type of different places and sometimes im lost in the field..

my first sword i use is Prominent Edge with no damage stats  and i was make it plus 9 using oris and lak powders, at that time its very hard to get oris and lak powders coz im dont have gold to buy it. im hunting armia field to collecting the candles and sell it to NPC to gain gold. I’m playing around 20 hours per day to achieve my mission to upgrade my weapon, lol that time i was very noob coz i was collecting sword at desert and use it to plus 9.

Many people want to see my weapon coz its shiny and its different and sadly i got scammed by someone, then i dont have any weapon to use so i just buy the weapon from NPC at galford, i’m also was plus it until its plus 6. huhuhu sounds bad right?? yea thats true of course, i was very very noob..

then a few months later i’m looting bhopal sword at the desert, it was very scary and danger coz got many big monster like tarons and spiders. I die many time just to fullfill my dream to loot the bhopal sword on the floor.After tried many times my dream is accomplished and finally i got my own bhopal sword 1 pcs, then i search for another 1 bhopal sword and im lucky. No pain No gain, that was my moto to fullfill my dream weapon and at that time WYD dont have any Noobset to use.. Noobset is not available at that time. I just walk around all town to search for weapon that i can loot if someone drop it on the floor.

After a few week im hunting armia field and my bhopal is plus 6, i was buy ori powder from Aki at Armia. My bhopal is statless lol, then im hunting again and again for a few weeks just to achieve my dream to buy lak powders to make plus 9 but many laks was failed and not even plus 9, it was very hard to plus it to 7. Yea i dont have a good tming for refine my sword….huhuhu… that sad …

One day my Bhopal sword finally is plus 9, i was very happy and sadly that day some stranger come to me and party me and he say take my party then i say ok and he ask me to show my bhopal 9 statless and he challenge me and trade me many time and suddenly my bhopal is drop on the floor . Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….. He loot my bhopal 9 statless,,,,,,,, i hate him and i got no weapon again.

i was very very sad and im stop playing WYD for 1 day, im cannot stop playing WYD for 1 day and i make a new life after the tragedy… Hope this story can be a good lesson for all WYDians…LOL..

okay thts all for today


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