Posted by: sultanjohor | July 9, 2009

Academy League Guide

Hi all,Today we gonna discuss about the academy league.. This is the great experience you can share with your friends when you are in a battle between other academies..

first look at the time table

Friday 12:00-14:00
Saturday 22:00-24:00
Sunday 05:00-07:00
The academy league is done three times a week in different times to give chance to all players from different time zones to at least participate in one of the leagues.

The gametime shows the time table for you to join.

League Divisions

Beginners division 1-150
Advanced division 151-255
Hardcore division 256-369
There are three league divisions so all academy members can join the league.

there are 3 ddivision that you can join if you have 3 characters with the level required. If you win you will get level up faster from low levels.

Increase Your Deff

To increase your deff plus your cape at least a minimum of plus 6 if you join any division. Its a good advantage coz you got a good deff.if you got many laks then you can make cape 9.

increase your armor by plus it to 9 if possible..armor is a main factor too.


The weapon must be suitable with the division you wanna join, and ancient is not allowed.. making your weapon to plus 9 is a good choice.


put your skils on your skillsbar and learn it all the shortcut using a keyboard for faster must learn to use all type of buff or etc using keyboard shortcut, dont just click away coz its slower you down when you getting hitted.


Use HP pots and mana pots if you wanna stay alive in the league.. dont care about people calling you potters… who cares,,, the main thing is you can survive all type of enemy..

most people use pots in a battle. its normal..


If you think you cant go front to attack others just play hit and run using a throw wepon or a bow. Hit and run is good sometimes…it also save your pots hehehe….

the important thing is strategy.. you must know pretty good your character and how to play it.. the built is must be suitable with you, to train yourself you must hunt with no cc mode, imagine the mobs are the enemy..try learn all those skills that you did not know much and learn it until you getting normal to it everyday.

If you play a bm you must find a good boot with skilss mastery. if you can find gloves with all resistance stats is good too coz it will protect you from the hit.

okay thats all for now…

thank you for reading


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