Posted by: sultanjohor | September 28, 2009

WYD Gold Tips

Hi all,

How are you guys, welcome back to my blog.. sorry im a bit busy sometimes and yet i still do update my blogs for u guys.. yes, i got many pm’s from u guys about my blogs, thanks a million for visiting my blogs since it started..

Today, i’m gonna share little tips about making gold in WYD Global..

1. Looting

dont mind if people call you a looter or what ever its called. Who cares? we need gold right? try loot drops at all server if you ever see people hunting allday long and sell the junk to the NPC aki or what ever ur favorite NPC. But if u got a good items such as orange stats items show me 1st coz maybe im gonna buy it from you, hehhe… if uwan soem adventure looting you can go to DS ( Darkshadow) you can loot there sometimes, sometimes the player inventory is full so if you lucky you can loot laks, Oris and if ur lucky enough you can get a Book. If you see people throw good items on the floor just take it , gm wont bann u coz the player drops the items himself so its not ur fault. You can just loot it and run away from him.

2. Asking Help

First of all,you must be poor, try to go some of your freind and asking help about gold, ask 500k for 1 person, if you got 10 person X 500k = you can get 5 million perday.. But please dont make Dual Challenge coz GM will bann you, coz it look like scamming method. So please play clean, its not a crime to asking help and its just make people pity on us, make sad story or whatever, maybe it will increase your chances.

3. Business

yea gold gold gold. Go hunt tickets where ever you like and sell in auto trade shop. dont hunt cheap ticket coz its not worth it. Try hunt red or blue tickets coz many people use it. And also hunt laks scrap in the water or azran field and collect it until you get 60 pcs and u will gain 6 pcs of laks powders and sell it with market price, if market price is 3m so 6×3 you will get 18million.

4. Wcoins

this one is good for fast gold.. you can make gold start from 10k wcoins and you can gain 120m-130m easy. try to increase your gold by buying some items that can double your money, maybe you can buy cheap ori powders for 700k from some noob and try sell for 1m each and it will increase your money again and again and you never need to buy wcoins anymore.. but you must have a discipline in yourself.. and try buy laks at very cheaap of 2.5m each and sell 3m each and you will see the differences. then maybe you can buy no level fenrir at cheap price at 20m.. and hunt the fenrir essences at bandit tarons or which monsters at desert that wearing fenrir coz it will drop fenrir essences and you can level up the fenrir until you satisfy and sell it at high price if it already gain high levels. most people will buy fenrir for mortal coz they like it..and also its good for Dmg chars…

okay thats all for now, later or soon i will put more info on this blog, well this is for the start tips, later i put more for you guys..

ok all thanks for reading.. see you soon.



  1. Hi Sultan, thanks for that tips, but i think that i will need more…xD!
    I dont know if is me, my luck, or drop rate in game is poor.
    I tried to hunt and nothing good drop, i already sell all tix dropped and was too little the amont i maded, asking foe help no one like to share gold it is difficult to acquire, looting thats almost impossible healers and other take drop stuff, and I will try Wcoins.
    but is there something that i havent try believe i will really like to play game without using cash thanks.

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